The Particulars

“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.”

The Particulars was created as an online destination that focuses on the best accessories from around the globe. From designer to high street and everything in between, Melissa Akkaway looks for the most exceptional accessories from the web and travel. The site will bring you news, style advice and features on the people we admire.

Melissa Akkaway is an entrepreneur and retail expert whose family has deep roots in the fashion industry. Throughout her career, Melissa has carried on the family name with her own boutiques in Los Angeles & Las Vegas and her advanced contemporary women’s ready-to-wear label, Beckley.

These days, Melissa is taking more time to focus on her family and developing The Particulars. She is a busy mother of two sons with a passion for travel and new experiences. She infuses her life with a sense of adventure, while relishing her home and strong family ties.