2018 Trend: Brooches and Pins

Spice Up Your Tops with These Back-in-Style Brooches and Pins

Brooches and pins are the types of accessory that have been worn for thousands of years. In fact, the oldest brooches known to man date back to the Bronze Age (talk about throwback accessorizing!). With that said, there’s no wonder that brooches are coming in and out of fashion.

Some may say they never really go out of fashion, it’s just the style of brooch that differs from one year to the next. Since we’ve started seeing striking pins and beautifully crafted brooches on the runway again recently, we thought it was about time we did a round-up of how to master this particular. 

When Did They Really Become a Trend?

Brooches and pins have been used to fasten scarves or other clothing items since the middle ages, often associated with royal houses and luxury. They only became more mainstream in the 20s and 30s when brands like Cartier and Tiffany’s tried their hand at designing them, still appealing to those of the upper class.  

Today, brooches are a common accessory with an uncommon charm. 

LIZZIE FORTUNATO Memento Baroque Pearl Gold Plated Brooch

2018’s Statement – The Fashion Brooch

So which designers have mastered this trend on the runway? 

 Designers like Louis Vuitton (right), Celine (middle) and Miu Miu (left) bet on the statement brooches for the Spring/Summer Season of 2018. 

Victoria Beckham (left) and Lanvin (middle) support the idea of a unique clasp that gives a different fizz to the outfit, while Armani (right) placed their bets on a simple, yet fashionable pin. 

Make Vintage Brooches Part of Your Casual Outfit

Vintage pins or brooches can dramatically change the style of your outfit without a huge investment.  

Add some glam to your jean jacket. Toss one on your winter coat to add some sparkle in the mundane sea black bulky outerwear. They are perfect for pulling together a more polished work look as well and show a glimpse of your personal flair. There’s no outfit that wouldn’t look better with a brooch on it (except for maybe your hot yoga gear!). 

The great thing about brooches and pins is that they are incredibly versatile. If you want to truly stand out at your next meeting, use a set of fashionable pins as cufflinks. They’ll definitely put everyone in the room under a spell! 

While they go great on clothes, you can also wear them in your hair. For instance, a gold pin can seal a fancy outfit for a night out or an elegant event. 

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to improvise with your brooches. A jacket full of pins and brooches is not just for the military or the girl scouts. Style a few together and create your own unique brooch cluster that expresses your personality. 




Style and Rock Your Outfit this Spring and Summer

Before you head to your local Louis store, is to have a little peek into your mother or grandmother’s jewelry box. You never know what kind of vintage treasures you’ll unearth in their collections.  

Checking out vintage stores and flea markets is also a great way to discover unique pins that won’t break the bank! 


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