A Blast From the Past: Vintage Designer Bags

What is so great about vintage designer bags is that they have that nostalgic fashion flare from iconic movies and shows from the 90s and early 2000s era, like Clueless, Legally Blonde and 90210. Let’s be real, we all adored those movies and shows, but the fashion was why we loved them the most!

CHRISTIAN DIOR Blue Denim Trompe L'oeil 'Speedway' Saddle Bag

According to Flare, model Bella Hadid was first caught rocking a Prada nylon mini bag, and then Kendall Jenner was spotted stepping out with a retro Louis Vuitton. This trend has had a domino effect into the masses and now its everywhere! Vintage 90s designer bags are making outfits loud and proud, and they pair well with the neon trend that has also made a comeback. However, finding the best one takes time and effort. You may have to do some research into finding the best brand that works with your style and price point.

How to Wear

I am so happy this trend resurfaced because I had two original Christian Dior saddlebags. They both are very Sex and the City circa 1990! I was able to modernize my bag by buying a Christian Dior strap that attached to the bag so now I can wear mine cross body or remove the strap and have a chic shoulder bag. These 90’s bags can be worn day or night with dresses or denim. If you have a 90’s bag laying at the bottom of your closet, dust it off; add your own modern version like a strap or keychain. The bag will be as good as new. I love looking for bags on the https://www.therealreal.com.

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