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Bold Bangles

November 30, 2018


Let’s get one thing straight in case you missed it: The 80s are back. We have continued to see this time and time again on the runways this season with bold bangles shining like never before! 

Molly Ringwald? Madonna? Cyndi Lauper? These are just some of the most iconic trend setters from the 80s that fashion has looked to for the boldest of bold influencesWe’re talking oversized belts and statement jewelry. These fall/winter 2019 accessory trends scream 80s goodness. Stacking and layering bangles or bracelets is an aesthetic that has been taking its part in fashion this season. Bold and bangin’ bangles are in, and if you aren’t wearing them, you are out! (Just kidding, but seriously, you should really consider wearing them).  


Bold bangles are a way to show off a work of art; they depict the beauty in still sculpture and organic tones. Alexander McQueen perfectly illustrates organic tones in the forest green cuffs seen on the runway, and Valli’s minimalist gold floral flaunts the beauty in contoured metal in flawless combination with a red blouse. These are only some of the many ways you can play with texture, shape and design of each bangle. 


How to Wear Bangles  

There are many ways to accessorize bangles, but when in doubt just remember that the more you add, the more texture and effortless stocking of playful aesthetic results. Mix chunky with thin, chunky with chunky or keep it all thin! Any combination adds eccentric and modern flare. For a more casual look, you can pile them on with your comfy winter sweaters. No matter which style you choose, you can’t go wrong. 

If you understand how important accessories are to making a statement, you will understand that this upcoming season’s personality is loud and proud! Bring out your most colorful sweaters, find your old bangles in combination with some new ones, and mismatch for the best fashion look of the season!  

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