Chunky Sneakers: Ugly or Awesome?

Whether you call it the chunky sneaker, the ugly sneaker, the dad shoe, one thing that can be agreed upon it that this oversized 90s inspired sneaker is making a big splash in the fashion world. The anti-beauty aesthetic or “ugly fashion” trends have been ramping up in popularity this year. While we love the chunky sneaker, it certainly has endured a lot of flak. We love what it stands for: the rejection of traditional beauty standards and comfort. Man are these sneakers comfortable!

STELLA McCARTNEY Eclypse Neoprene-trimmed Faux Leather And Suede Sneakers

Chunky Sneakers go Designer

Although we could probably name Skechers as the brainchild behind the chunky sneaker, dating back to the 90s, we’re focussed on the modern-day resurgence. Balenciaga could probably be held accountable for this resurrection. Their Triple S sneaker is a must-have for every trendsetter, celeb, it girl, and hypebeast out there. Gucci and Off-White collaborated to bring us the Rhyton Sneaker, a thick soled white sneaker stamped with a big colorful Gucci logo. No stranger to hype shoes, adidas by Raf Simons put out its Ozweego sneaker, which flew off the shelves.


How to Wear Chunky Sneakers

Forever we’ve been told that smaller feet are more attractive and when we wear shoes that are too big for our feet we are wearing clown shoes. So how can you pull off a shoe that has been crafted to be unflattering?

Although most of the chunky sneakers out there are color-blocked, pulling inspiration from the 90s, if you just want to try the trend on for size, find yourself a monochromatic pair. It’s easy to swap out your go-to white sneakers for a chunkier variety. Pair them with some denim and you’re set. If you want to add a little more drama to this plain pair, toss on a scrunched sock. Here you can add back in a pop of color or a little pattern.

To off-set the ugly aspect of the sneakers, amp up the feminine. Wearing a floral or patterned summer dress, accessorize with a cute pair of socks and a chunky sneaker. We also love the look with a romper or onesie. Just make sure the hem of your skirt or pants isn’t longer than calf length, as to not make you appear shorter or wider than you are.

Once you’ve fully embraced the chunky sneaker, you’ll be able to throw it on with anything. Whether you toss them on with a pantsuit or rock them with your athleisure, there is no limit to where they can take you and your chunky platform will give you that extra boost!


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