Crazy for Clips

ANTHROPOLOGIE Squared Tortoise Hair Clip Set

As a kid I remember having a ton of hair accessories—bows, headbands, scrunchies, banana clips…etc. They all kind of went of our favor when I was in high school / college but they have recently come roaring back in a major way. Besides the headband or Slip silk scrunchie, my favorite hair accouterment is the basic clip, not a barrette per say, but the basic clip mechanism that resembles what a hairstylist uses to set your hair.

VALET Tortoiseshell Barrette

There are SO many versions to try including ones made from colorful resin, pearls, and classic tortoise. I found some at Zara that I love and because I’m experimenting with this one a lot I am sticking with some that I found on Amazon that are a major bargain, $8 for 8 clips. Once my hair is blow-dried I love winding my hair in a low or high bun, securing it with one of these flat clips, and then letting it down an hour or so later. The result is a super-soft, creaseless wave that looks like I stepped out of the salon. And once that blowout is three days old, I layer in a bunch of clips to distract from the dullness and they provide style with minimal effort.


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