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Fifty Shades of Jade

September 12, 2018


Who doesn’t love the color green? And who doesn’t love jewelry? We couldn’t think of anyone either! There may be some skeptics out there but there is no denying the fact that jade jewelry is coming back in all shapes, colors and sizes this fall (and we aren’t mad about it)!  


(Fernando Jorge, Katerina Makriyianni, Lou Zeldis) 

Jade’s history is a long one, nearly dating back 7,000 years to be exact. The beauty of this gem is that it actually comes in a wide spectrum of colors and has been widely celebrated by many cultures around the globe. Originally introduced during ancient times, antique lovers in the 60s brought it back to the fashion forefront. Between the 60s and 80s, adorning jade gems along with matching outfits was one of the major trends. So, we are excited to learn it’s here again!   

The classic style has always been a jade bangle, but current designers are finding ways to incorporate this stone in more contemporary pieces.  

How to Wear the Jade Trend  

The vivid green color is full of vitality and bursts with personality! Adding a pop of jade to any outfit is sure to make you stand out! 

Small stud earrings, dainty pendants and tasteful rings can be the perfect addition to any outfit, casual or workwear, jade is super easy to transition into the evening. Don’t be afraid to layer on the different jade pieces with other colorful clothing or more neutrals if that’s more your style.  

For a more dressed up look, wearing a white cocktail dress along with contemporary green accessories (hello, gorgeous!) is a winning combo. If you are looking to complement a formal or casual outfit, this should do the trick!  

Make a bold statement this fall with this true gem! 


Fifty Shades of Jade Fifty Shades of Jade Fifty Shades of Jade Fifty Shades of Jade Fifty Shades of Jade Fifty Shades of Jade Fifty Shades of Jade


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