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Fruit Forward

June 7, 2019


Fresh fruit in the summertime is a must—and I’m not just talking about a big bowl of berries. We’ve weathered a real winter here in LA and it’s finally warm-ish out (it’s taking forever!!), so I officially declare that it’s high time to try some fruit-centric clothes, jewelry, bags and shoes on for size. It’s not as outrageous of a trend as you may think, and truly, really wearable. Everyone from Marc Jacobs to MSMG to Gucci and Farm Rio and ASOS has released bright, juicy prints, creating a veritable fruit salad of style(s) at multiple price points.

The key to this trend is to work around your fruit pieces so that you don’t end up too costume-y. If you’re donning separates, my advice is to keep it basic on the bottom or top and then go bananas (no pun intended) with the rest of your look. I paired a bright MSMG top with a pair of fire engine red, high-waisted pants by Goop and I think it really is a balanced diet of fruit and fashion.

If you’re not ready to fully commit, you can embrace the trend by starting with a small accessory like this Susan Alexander acrylic beaded bag. It instantly elevates a simple dress or shorts and tee look.

Listen–fruit is good for you. Trust me.

Fruit Forward Fruit Forward Fruit Forward Fruit Forward Fruit Forward


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