Fruit Forward

Fresh fruit in the summertime is a must—and I’m not just talking about a big bowl of berries. We’ve weathered a real winter here in LA and it’s finally warm-ish out (it’s taking forever!!), so I officially declare that it’s high time to try some fruit-centric clothes, jewelry, bags and shoes on for size. It’s not as outrageous of a trend as you may think, and truly, really wearable. Everyone from Marc Jacobs to MSMG to Gucci and Farm Rio and ASOS has released bright, juicy prints, creating a veritable fruit salad of style(s) at multiple price points.

Mercedes Salazar

The key to this trend is to work around your fruit pieces so that you don’t end up too costume-y. If you’re donning separates, my advice is to keep it basic on the bottom or top and then go bananas (no pun intended) with the rest of your look. I paired a bright MSMG top with a pair of fire engine red, high-waisted pants by Goop and I think it really is a balanced diet of fruit and fashion.

SUSAN ALEXANDRA Fruits Beaded Tote

If you’re not ready to fully commit, you can embrace the trend by starting with a small accessory like this Susan Alexander acrylic beaded bag. It instantly elevates a simple dress or shorts and tee look.

Listen–fruit is good for you. Trust me.

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