Hat Attack – Bucket Hats

GANNI Biodegradable Tiger Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are obviously a thing right now and are definitely sporty, streetwear, and fun.

Besides looking very late 90s Brit pop (i.e. Oasis) they can also serve a purpose…they’re practical! This Ganni leopard print hat will repel rain and this Brixton British inspired felt bucket hat adds an extra layer of warm without matting down your hair. I also love that bucket hats are so compact, you can roll them up and have them on hand in your bag when needed. Check out this Loeffler Randal checkerboard style and the muddy brown Acne version too which feels very detective chic.

BRIXTON Essex Felt Bucket Hat


Chatting with Kavi Moltz of D.S. & Durga

For Kavi Moltz, co-founder of the fragrance house D.S. & Durga, perfume is armchair travel. And for these current times, we’ll take all of the escape we can get. The brand crafts magical, unusual scents that jog your memory bank and create new ones. Their stark, graphical approach to their packaging and product design makes their bottles, candles, and even car air fresheners, top shelf material.
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Classic White Sneakers

White sneakers have always been a staple in my closet. Now more than ever, I have been living in them and they will definitely be taking me from spring to summer with a little pep in my step.
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Chatting with Kelly Urban

AMO makes the kind of jeans that you want to (and can!) throw on first thing in the morning…just like they do in the movies. They are born from a place where comfort and fit are paramount, and that attention to detail makes for the perfect everyday pair. AMO is a thoroughly modern line but also references the heyday of vintage denim in sunny California, thus capturing a freewheeling spirit that imbues this LA-based brand. Kelly Urban, the co-founder and designer of AMO, has the recipe down: she keeps every season of their essential wardrobe staples fresh with a level of cool that’s just baked in. Our closet chock full of their pairs is straight up proof—we’re AMO loyalists for lyfe!
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