Hoop Dreams

“True beauty is like a delicious cake. And jewelry is the icing.” - Unknown 

PAMELA LOVE Wavy Hoop Earrings - Gold

The answer is no, you haven’t time-travelled back to the 80s. Big statement hoops are back and more fabulous than ever and the final verdict is: the bigger the better! They are a great accessory that can add a dimension of fun to any outfit.  

Gold hoops were worn as earrings in Ancient Egypt around 1648 BC. You’d think that designers may struggle to reinvent such an ancient trend, but alas, they prevailed and did not disappoint. 

This year, designers went bold and beautiful. While hoops are a staple earring style, designers truly pushed the boundaries of our expectations. Balenciaga’s red hoops step away from the classic gold hoops and add a modern youthful vibe and Y/Project’s spiral pearl hoops are original and mesmerizing.  

How to Wear the Hoop Earring Trend 

Hoops are incredibly versatile. They are compatible with almost every style, but you have to be selective with the size and thickness.  

For the bolder fashionistas, thick or patterned hoops can help elevate your eye-catching ensembles. If you are looking for a trendy earring to complete your look with subtlety, a thinner or smaller hoop is exactly what you need!  

When thinking about sizes of hoops, larger hoops look better when paired with something simple and classic such as a chambray shirt. Medium hoops are best matched with off-the shoulder tops and smaller hoops look perfect with a patterned headband and statement sunnies.  

Depending on your favourite hoop size, experiment pairing with everyday looks. Hoops will complete any outfit, from a fun graphic t-shirt and your best mom jeans to a fall dress and leather jacket for your next date night or girls night out. 

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