Hot for Herringbone and Houndstooth

Herringbone and houndstooth are classic patterns that love to come in and out of our lives. Well, they are back again! These eternal patterns offer the appearance of class and refinement and are making some serious appearances all over haute couture runways this season and we couldn’t be happier. Although the two may appear to be similar at first glance, these patterns are quite distinct. Herringbone is a pattern with two columns slanting vertically. It has been historically made from heavy fabrics and used in Winter outerwear (and this pattern also makes for a trendy kitchen backsplash!). Houndstooth was named after what a dog’s bite looks like and is a pattern originating from Scotland. The name comes across as aggressive, but, fun fact, the pattern signified peace in the 4th century. The thread is tightly woven into a checkerboard-like pattern.  

ANINE BING Madeleine Plaid Oversized Blazer

Each designer had their own interpretation of these patterns this season. While these patterns are usually seen on outerwear, Christian Dior designed a beautiful haute couture dress with a herringbone pattern, giving it a sense of an optical illusion. The 2nd Skin Co. went for the traditional use of the pattern and gave us this incredibly stylish coat. It is absolutely stunning and definitely going on our wish list this season! 

Chanel had a major houndstooth moment too. How classic do Kendall and Gigi look here?! We can totally picture them strutting down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris on a chilly afternoon this winter.

How to Wear Herringbone and Houndstooth

Herringbone gives an illusion of length, so it can help those of us on the shorter side. This pattern is more flexible with styling since it is less dominant, but sticking to solids for layering is the best choice since adding an additional pattern could be overwhelming. Houndstooth is a bolder and blockier pattern which can help give extra shape to those people who are particularly slim.  

Darker neutrals such as navy, forest green, and brown look best with both of these patterns since they are usually the statement piece of an outfit. For more contrast, pair them with bold colors like reds or oranges. If you’re wearing the pattern on a jacket, try layering a turtleneck underneath and a cute beret to top off the outfit.

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