Living in Color: Gem Trends

Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend (at least since Carol Channing said so), but we shouldn’t discriminate against any sparkly stones! Life is too short to wear boring jewelry or accessories, and we are crazy for color! 

SPINELLI KILCOLLIN Raneth Silver, Yellow & Rose Gold Ring - Womens - Gold

Colored gems have been around since the dark ages (and even long before that), but they are making fierce appearances on runways. Say goodbye to just plain clear gems and hello to hues.  

Sure, we’ve all been assigned a gemstone based on our respective birth months, but that doesn’t mean we can’t rock the whole color wheel.  

Bold Statements on the Runway

With every Fashion Week comes a myriad of well-thought-out eccentricities and 2018 has been no different. We’ve got the spotlight on Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring and Fall 2018 Ready-To-Wear fashion shows that packed a colorful punch full of bold gem statements and we are officially in love.   

Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear Fashion:  

The concept is simple: Color is Queen. The more stones, the more colors, the better. Each look is complete with gemstones that are the shining focal point drawing us in and leaving us with our mouths wide open in awe. We see how these stones are not only limited to jewelry but also embellished on all accessories (we’ll take 2 of everything, please and thanks)!   

How to Wear Gemstones

There are no strict rules or guidelines when it comes to mixing and matching different gemstone colors with metals or fabrics which makes our lives easier when presented with so many options to choose from – why settle for less when you can have more?!   

These days people are looking for jewelry or fashion statements that stand out and combining bold gem colors like reds and violets paired with gold metals against darker clothing is the perfect combo to create that wow-factor when you walk through any door. On the flipside, if you aren’t afraid of mixing it up, go crazy with some fun fabrics and layer on the jewelry and/or some gemstone studded accessories.  

There are some color cues to consider, as a general rule those with cooler skin tones are complemented by colors such as pinks, bright reds, blues, purples and milky whites. Those with warmer skin tones fare better with colors such as yellows, oranges, greens and reds.    

Moral of the story is don’t be shy to get your glitz and glamour on, we highly encourage it.  



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