Mini But Make It Max Style

The mini bag has been a ubiquitous trend that some have scoffed at but ultimately, tons of people have embraced.

GIVENCHY Mini Pocket Chain Bag

As the need for a massive wallet filled with cash and cards rapidly diminishes (hello Apple Pay!), our need for a giant bag to house tons of stuff is going away. All we really need is a phone, maybe an all-in-one lipgloss / highlighter, and a car or house key. That’s it! Perfect particulars for even the teeniest of bags.


I love this transparent Fendi mini bucket bag because it’s neutral and really season-less, especially in LA. It’s sporty and great for the school run or out for a couples dinner. It just fits the bill (no pun intended).

FENDI Mon Tresor mini bucket bag
BALENCIAGA Kitten Everyday Camera bag

This mini Balenciaga in a pop of pink is like the definition of fashion fruit punch and I loved getting matchy-matchy with this look and pairing it with the perenniallychic Pucci.


No one can resist anything mini…it’s fundamentally cute!

Chatting with Sherri McMullen & Chloe Warner of McMullen

Sherri McMullen and Chloe Warner combined their knowledge of business and merchandising with their long-time passion for designing interesting window displays to create McMullen—now a favorite Oakland boutique offering wearable but chic garments and accessories from new and lesser-known fashion designers. We recently visited their boutique to learn more about their particulars.
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Chatting with Sorellina Sisters

The sisters Sorellina, nee´ Carosella, craft covetable, colorful art deco-inspired jewelry that has pizazz and punch. While the designs are bold, they are scaled so well which makes still easy enough to wear on the regular. We’re obsessed with their guitar pick earrings and their Tablet necklaces and just want to be cool enough to throw them on. Here’s to hoping (and shopping!).
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Chatting with Ariane Goldman

Ariane Goldman didn’t just get into the bridal or maternity game to repeat what’s long been the industry standard—she reinvented it. By truly understanding the market and capitalizing on missing needs, Ariane was able to successfully launch and scale two incredible lines, Twobirds and Hatch, to create apparel with a real point of view. Beyond the clothes, Goldman has fostered a true community centered around feeling and looking your best during life’s happiest moments.
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