Mini But Make It Max Style

The mini bag has been a ubiquitous trend that some have scoffed at but ultimately, tons of people have embraced.

GIVENCHY Mini Pocket Chain Bag

As the need for a massive wallet filled with cash and cards rapidly diminishes (hello Apple Pay!), our need for a giant bag to house tons of stuff is going away. All we really need is a phone, maybe an all-in-one lipgloss / highlighter, and a car or house key. That’s it! Perfect particulars for even the teeniest of bags.


I love this transparent Fendi mini bucket bag because it’s neutral and really season-less, especially in LA. It’s sporty and great for the school run or out for a couples dinner. It just fits the bill (no pun intended).

FENDI Mon Tresor mini bucket bag
BALENCIAGA Kitten Everyday Camera bag

This mini Balenciaga in a pop of pink is like the definition of fashion fruit punch and I loved getting matchy-matchy with this look and pairing it with the perenniallychic Pucci.


No one can resist anything mini…it’s fundamentally cute!

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