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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May 3, 2019

My personal belief is that Mother’s Day should truly be about what Mom wants to do. So whether that’s hang with the family in the am and then score some solo time in the afternoon, I say do you! On this special day you can truly “have it all” while remaining mom guilt free. 

Here are a few of my favorite gifts to give or get (they can be delivered nationwide so easy for giving and receiving). 

Olive and June Studio Box-O&J is a part of my regular beauty rotation but for those moms not living in LA I feel sad that they don’t get the chance to visit this little oasis. Problem solved! O&J has created the most perfect box with the essence of the salon plus all of the necessities you need to execute the perfect at home mani. The Poppy is the hero product and is a polish bottle accessory that allows you to easily polish your nails using your non-dominant hand. Genius! It arrives in the most adorable millennial pink box filled with O&J branded nail clippers, nail file, choice of nail polish, top coat, the best hydrating cuticle serum, and a little slot for your phone so you can boomerang your new nail tech prowess.  

Simone LeBlanc Relax and Renew-This box is like the real life version of “Netflix and chill.” Brew some tea, light a candle and nibble on some signature Simone LeBlanc chocolates. Feels so decadent but in actuality is so very necessary. The bonus is you can use the gift box as a keepsake or put it on your desk like I do! 

Barefoot Dreams blanket-My kids are obsessed with these cozy blankets! I must have 10 scattered around my house at any given time. They wash and wear so well. In my opinion they are the perfect way to end a long day…all wrapped up in a cloud of coziness. 

Anine Bing Savage Rose candle-Anine Bing is known for her vintage-inspired rocker tees and leather jackets but she has also really nailed the scent on her signature candle, Savage Rose. It’s rose-y but not overpowering and is a perfect sent to light for a bath or for when company is coming over, it’s super versatile. 

Jeff Andrews coffee table book The New Glamour-Jeff Andrews just transformed my Venice bungalow into a seaside oasis. His taste and style are reflected in his furniture and fabric choices as well as his home accessories game. Run and grab this book to gain some much-needed home inspo!  

Mother’s Day Gift Guide Mother’s Day Gift Guide Mother’s Day Gift Guide Mother’s Day Gift Guide Mother’s Day Gift Guide Mother’s Day Gift Guide


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