Seasons Change

Los Angeles is a relatively seasonless environment— it gets kinda chilly and rainy in the winter, but by in large, it’s typically sunny and dry. It’s truly nothing to complain about. The seasons here are more like pilot and awards (entertainment industry joke, LOL) but in reality, they are more like dry, drier, and driest. The stretch between September and October is usually really hot and is known for being fire-prone and bone dry. It was only 2 years ago around this time that I was evacuated from my house in Malibu for over 5 weeks while the fires raged nearby. I remember packing in a hurry and grabbed whatever I thought would transition well if the weather shifted.

But fire drills aside, when the calendar hits September, I definitely get the fall itch.  And while it would probably be uncomfortable to wear a sweater in our September / October days of 80+ degree heat, I start a gentle transition. That means wearing a lighter maxidress with a long sleeve and perhaps a closed toe slide. This tie dye dress from Nanushka feels appropriate when it’s warm but also not so summery. Same goes for this Rachel Pally orange caftan. The color definitely leans towards Autumn and gives me that pumpkin spice that I am craving. Adding a hat from Janessa Leone also helps ground it in fall too.

By November the weather will be cooled off and I’ll feel normal wearing boots and settling into my chunky cardigans, but until then, you’ll find me doing my wardrobe limbo dance.

Fall Favorite Combo: Skirts & Sweaters

Skirts paired with a sweater, or better yet a turtleneck, just shout fall to me. The whisper of winter is on its way, but while the sun still feels relatively warm, we can still wear a chunky knit paired with a long skirt and no tights. To me, the recipe for a perfect Thanksgiving look is an oversized sweater + silky skirt + sensible shoe (low-mid heeled boot or mule / flat). It feels country and mature and down to earth.
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