Silky Particulars

These days, I am spending more time in loungewear and pajamas more than I ever thought! I have found that my silk accessories, pajamas and robes are elevating my mood just that extra bit. I have a few favorites that I have been gravitating toward daily.

SLIP Six-Pack Skinny Silk Scrunchies

I have a few robes I wear on the daily but this silk La Perla is one that my grandmother gave me many years ago and just recently I have put it into my robe rotation. It’s lightweight and gets me through my morning routine feeling a little more pulled together. Another silk lifesaver are the Silk scrunchie sets. I bought a few sets a couple months back and live in them daily. I wear them to workout or just to throw my hair back out of my face during the day. I literally could have 100 of them and it would’t be enough. The best part is that they don’t damage your hair and you get six per pack!

SLIP Marble Silk Pillowcase

I am especially loving the idea of elevating my loungewear game and wearing a silk slip dress in place of sweats. Sleeper has so many options that could work for both daytime or bedtime. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Sleeper silk dress with pearls and the loungewear dress. Another silk bedtime game changer is my Slip pillow case and eye mask.  I got mine  a few years back from some girlfriends . With everything going on, it’s been tough for me to sleep well these days so the Slip pillow case and eye mask have really come in handy.

These silk pieces are really giving me life when I need a little pep in my step!


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