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When the term 'sports sandals' used to pop up, my mind would immediately go to Adidas slides, Tevas, or whatever REI was selling for a whitewater rafting adventure. Never did I consider wearing a foamy, web-strapped sandal to bop around town (unless we're talking back in like ’93 when Tevas were all the rage). But hey, I love a comeback!

Like the fanny pack, the stylish sport sandal revival began about 2 years back and now the offbeat footwear is totally chic and de rigueur. I think the slightly chunky shoes look totally cute, not clunky, and a big bonus is that they provide real comfort and stability.

Instead of Birks or sneakers, I have been popping on my colorful Kenzo sandals to run to the Venice Farmer’s Market on Sundays. I pair them with Lululemon leggings for comfort and a wide-brimmed hat for sun protection. It’s a pulled together look that is both functional and fashionable.

KENZO Lynn Flat Sandals

If you want to try them with a dress I recommend a style that can show them off (e.g. a midi or something with a slit so your shoes can be seen). I really like to balance a floaty dress with a shoe that is more earthbound and stacked. I paired these Melissa x Fila sandals with this dress from Rixo which provided comfort and gave me a little boost in the height department. I’ll take it!

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