Spotted: Neon Animal Print

Brace yourselves. This emerging trend isn’t for the faint of heart. In its natural colors, animal print takes some courage to wear. There is something about sporting the skin of a ferocious beast that makes us feel a little bolder, sexier, and maybe even intimidating. This season, animal prints have been taken to a new level. Designers have introduced neon animal print. These bold colored prints may evoke memories of the late 80s and early 90s when everything neon and print was huge. Today, neon animal print has taken the form of matching pantsuits to embellished handbags, sequinned stilettos and bold nylons. 

Neon Animal Print on the Runway 

Neon animal print has been in hiding since the 90s, but it is certainly back! Tom Ford was the leader of the pack, showing head to toe neon animal print. His models hit the runway in sequinned pantsuits complete with matching pumps. Models carried embellished neon mini bags and long legs strutted by in bright printed tights. Adam Selman showed a vibrant blue off-the-shoulders knit that really packed a punch. R13 showed its soft spot for orange, in particular orange leopard print. We loved the bright baseball caps. 

How to Wear Neon Animal Print

If you are on the fence, it’s best to start it out small. Opt for a bold backpack or bright shoe. The addition of a neon animal print accessory is great way to add a pop of color. It is also fun to sport multiple accessories in the same neon animal print. 

For the bolder ladies (and gents) out there, we love a head to toe look. Whether you start with your outfit and throw on a matching shoe or go all out from hat to bag to outfit to shoe, more is really more here. 

The most important part about trying out a new trend is having fun. We think nothing screams more fun than a super vivid neon animal print. Bonus points for wearing it in sequins! 


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