Go Big or Go Home with Statement Earrings

We're on the road to summer and it's my favorite time to break out my stash of statement earrings. It's so easy to wear a simple outfit and really jazz it up with some fun and colorful pairs. Now that I have so many ear piercings (7 and counting!) I am able to experiment by pairing both dainty and statement earrings together—it's like mixing patterns but even more unexpected. A few brands I have on heavy rotation that offer both color and size—the main criteria of what I look for in a bold earring—are Cult Gaia, Rachel Comey, Isabel Marant, and Bauble Bar. A real mix of high and totally affordable.

CULT GAIA Acrylic Kai Earring

I travel so much and I find that earrings are an easy accessory to change up your look vs. packing a ton of outfits. For instance, during the day at the beach or pool, I love colorful enamel studs (Ariel Gordon has pairs that have fruits that I adore!) that won’t tangle or interference when I swim or sun. During the magic hour, a.k.a. cocktail hour, I will pull my hair back or tuck it behind my ears to showcase a pair of tassel dangles or a neon lucite hoop. If my dinner look is print and pattern heavy, I tend to go for a slick ponytail with a pair of shiny oversized gold hoops. It’s a classic look and can read 60s/70s Italian Riviera or iconic JLo, and honestly, you can’t lose either way!

There are TONS of affordable options out there so it’s easy to up your earring ante without breaking the bank. The best part? Earrings always fit!

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