Step Out in Statement Heels

Add a pop of flair to any outfit with a statement heel

If you want to turn heads this season, you need to start with your feet. Statement heels are coming in hot, and right on time! As we start to bundle up with cooler weather, a bold statement heel gives your outfit a pop of flair that can’t be hidden by a jacket or a scarf.

Heels have always been a staple in our wardrobes. They add height, sophistication and allure. But now, by thinking and buying a little outside of the box, they can add a ton of personality. Statement heels can come in any shape or style, they just have to be striking and draw all eyes to your feet! This season, there has been a lot of variety in fabrics and materials, from neoprene at Louis Vuitton to clear plastic at Off-White, and regal fabric at Versace. The creativity and variety on the runway did not disappoint!

How to Wear A Statement Heel

The statement heel is best when it has room to shine. Pair the heel with a neutral outfit to make sure that it stands out (pun intended). Whether with a pantsuit, or a flowy dress, the statement heel will always take the spotlight. Go for simple lines and basic pieces to let the shoeshine! Pairing the statement heel with a monotone outfit of the same color will let the texture of the heel catch the eye.  As we are approaching the cooler months, try pairing with a more natural color palette and remember, a bright bold statement heel can add a flair to every fashionistas’ look!

My go-to for pairing with a statement heel is a simple jumpsuit with a matching bag and hoops. Keeping the outfit simple and classic means the heel has space to shine without looking too busy. When pulling together your look, ensure that your outfit is always harmonious with your heels, even if they are quite different in color, pattern or style.

Whether wearing it on a Saturday night out or a casual day in the office, a statement heel shows off your confidence. Be bold and don’t be afraid to take a walk on the wild side!

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