Stocking Style

It’s always sad with summer comes to an end and we have to give up our bare legs and open toes but I have to be honest, I can’t resist a pair of tights. I’ve often spoken of my love of another staple in the hosiery lexicon, the sock, but I must admit that really love a stocking too.

Tights add an unexpected element of fun to an outfit and can take even the most basic black ensemble to new heights. This poppy pink polka dot tight is from Falke and is so playful.

FALKE Polka-dot 15 Denier Tights
FALKE Pure Matt 50 Denier Tights

For a more muted day look, I paired this grey Falke pure matt tight with a casual Goop denim dress and sneakers. Think of it like an updated Melanie Griffith in Working Girl moment—instantly pulled together and professional.



Chatting with Randi Wood

Randi Wood is making high-end vintage and luxury fashion accessible and attainable through her ready-to-rent (and buy) business, Entre Nous. Randi’s collection offers panache and pizazz and the pieces are available to buy or borrow—you can discover them on Instagram or directly through her site making the process personal and as easy breezy as the proprietress herself.
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