Sunny Situation

This is the summer of sun. We basically have to be outside for any type of social activity these days so let’s get our SPF (and masks!) on! I have been spending a ton of time at the beach with family and friends in San Diego and in LA which is why I have been slathering on a litany of sunscreens. Here are some of my top picks:


Supergoop: I love all Supergoop products. I love the Unseen Sunscreen for my face b/c it just melts into your skin and provides all day coverage. Also, Supergoop is pretty much my everyday body sunscreen too. I like that you can get it in a massive pump size—I just set the bottle out outside on a table and since the kids can give it a pump themselves, we tend to reapply more throughout the day. It’s so handy.

Luzern: This is a Swiss brand that was recommended by my aesthetician Lili Mineni and I really am enjoying it. It is a 100% mineral sunscreen for broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and also has anti-blue light that helps shield skin against free radical damage.

Derm Institute: I bought this at Space NK and they told me that they literally cannot keep it in stock. It is a tinted SPF and it basically serves as the base for the best bare, no-makeup face. What sets it apart is that it contains an innovative 2-in-1 illuminating moisturizer and sunscreen. Plus, its nourishing formula contributes towards improved collagen composition for firmer, suppler skin.

Josh Rosebrook: I got this clean SPF when I was in NYC and bought it upon recommendation from Tara Foley, founder of clean beauty mecca, Follain. It does not disappoint. It’s light, tinted, and best of all, good for the skin we’re in!  I also love that it adds protection without weight, blending to a matte finish on contact. It’s an ideal daily base layer for makeup and reduces redness too.


Chatting with Jazmin Alvarez of Pretty Well Beauty

During these “at home times,” the phrase “let’s clean up!” may be triggering for some people. However, when the “clean up” does not mean dishes and bedmaking, but rather, involves our beauty routine and a vanity re-org, we are all in. Jazmin Alvarez, the founder of clean beauty resource, Pretty Well Beauty, is the soothsayer of the skincare / makeup cabinet and is here to share her knowledge on how to create a sustainable routine that will help keep you well-balanced.
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Show me your Flare

We’ve been mom jean-ing for a few seasons now and I am feeling like it’s time for some FLARE again. Flares originated in the 60s / 70’s, took flight in the 80s, and definitely made an appearance in the early aughts. Those early decades all featured the high-waisted flare (which I personally prefer), while the early 00s specialized in the low-waisted style which feels a little passé. I recently pulled out my flare jeans and was reminded how much they elongate the leg and look great with a heel.
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Chatting with Elyse Walker

When she decided to open her first store in 1999 in Los Angeles, Elyse Walker set out to create a retail experience that prided itself on impeccable customer service and superb selection. She wanted to create a store that harkened back to the places of business that she loved while growing up on the east coast—places that were simply known by the proprietors first or last name and that were always synonymous with a choice shopping experience.
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