To Top It All Off: Hats

Whether you’re an artist, a poet, an intellectual, a beatnik, a Che Guevara revolutionist or just a hipster, the beret is the perfect statement to top off any outfit.


Hats are huge this season and anyone who explores the world headwear automatically exudes confidence. From knitted beanies, baseball caps and sleek hoods, the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing the right hat to top off your look. And lets be honest… who doesn’t love any excuse to accessorize?

Headwear has been taking the runways by storm this season. I am loving the adorable (and practical!) Anna Sui koala bear ears. Time to bring out that inner child and have some fun with your wardrobe!

Among the many hats, one that has stood out to me specifically this season is the beret! Berets have long been considered cheesy and used as a symbol of French satire along with baguettes – but they are officially edging their way back into the limelight. As seen with these runway looks, Rykiel, Versace and Armani have managed to keep the classic look with a modern twist by adding more color and playing with the shape. Berets have the power to enhance or change an outfit. It’s a classy and chic way to polish off your outfit, whether it’s for a formal or casual look.

How to Wear the Hat Trend

There are many fabrics nowadays that hats are made of; leather, denim, wool, cotton and knits, you name it! You can’t go wrong with pulling any of these styles together! The best part is that the hats are versatile. They can offer shade in the sun all summer long and warmth and comfort during the winter season. As style setters, we sometimes choose style over comfort, but in this case, you can look fabulous and feel comfortable at the same time! Win-win!

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