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Amanda Thomas, Founder of Luv AJ & Après had a lot of talent and a chance meeting paved the way to two incredibly beautiful and successful jewelry lines. Amanda Thomas, the creator of Luv AJ and Après, is not only an amazing young talent and total #girlboss, she is an absolute joy. Her collection Après, designed for the modern bride and her bridal party, fills the void of affordable yet trendy and well-designed wedding jewels. Read more about her in our interview together!

LUV AJ The Studded Hearts Charm Necklace
ARIEL GORDON Silhouette Heart Ring

Ariel Gordon, Founder & CEO of Ariel Gordon Jewelry
Even though Ariel Gordon had never considered herself an artist, she launched Ariel Gordon Jewelry in 2009 from a little apartment in Santa Monica. Read more about her in our interview together!

Brent Neale’s jewelry design is an exercise in color, whimsy, and artful playfulness. Her incredible collection of fine pieces are evocative and bold but are tailored enough to wear everyday. Read more about her in our interview together!

e recently met up with Candice Pool Neistat in LA to get the real-deal story behind her cult-favorite jewelry lines Finn and Love Billy! Candice’s original, beloved line Finn features timeless, fancy-lady pieces fashioned in 18 karat ‘green gold’ and diamonds, while Billy! represents her tougher, more tomboyish side with everyday unisex slip-on chains as well as playful merch like graphic tees and totes. Read more about her in our interview together!

EF COLLECTION Diamond Love Pendant Charm

Taking inspiration from her background in art history and world travels, Emily Faith created EF Collection to make fine jewelry more approachably priced. EF Collection is designed to be wearable day-to-night, but also elegant and chic. Read more about her in our interview together!

Vintage jewelry is everything Jenna Grosfeld loves. Jenna gives her customers the ultimate personal experience when it comes to her jewelry line Jenna Blake, from educating clients about materials to how they can wear each individual piece. Read more about her in our interview together!

MAYA BRENNER 14k Rose Gold Mini Letter Necklace

Maya Brenner, an LA-based jewelry artist, is renowned for crafting asymmetrical, delicate modern jewelry designs. She started out as a social worker by day and a jewelry maker by night. It wasn’t too long before she followed her passion and love of jewelry and launched her own successful jewelry business. Read more about her in our interview together!

Sarah Hendler, of Sarah Hendler Jewelry, has always had an eye for show-stopping pieces. Growing up, she remembers her grandmother forever adorned with glamorous statement necklaces and earrings. A fond collector of estate and vintage pieces, her sharp eye for detail got her pieces noticed by friends who suggested she try her hand at designing. Read more about her in our interview together!

SARAH HENDLER Emerald Center Spear Stud Earrings
SARAH CHLOE Small Jocelyn Initial Heart Charm

Sarah Chloe jewelry attracts fans like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss and many more. Zahava Ryzman founded the brand with the importance and value of high-quality jewelry design and craftsmanship and has been featured in top national media publications including Vogue, and ELLE. We had a chance to know more about Zahava’s background starting out in the jewelry industry. Read more about her in our interview together!

Sophie Monet was destined to design jewelry collections. While growing up in Los Angeles, she always had an interest in creating unique items. When she’s not in her wood-shop working alongside her artist father, she is exploring outside for new inspiration.

SOPHIE MONET The Pearl Egg Earrings
ZOE CHICCO Diamond & Pink Opal Pendant Necklace

Perhaps a product of her classical training in Italy, Zoë Chicco brings a thoughtfulness to the craft and production of her jewelry that’s rare for these fast times. Combining 14k gold with diamonds and semi-precious gemstones like opal and turquoise, ZC pieces are stand alone, but also ideal for everyday layering. Read more about her in our interview together!


Knock Around Togs

Even if I am spending most of my time at home and on the couch (nursing my hip back to health after surgery), I still like to feel like I have a modicum of style. It may sound super basic, but it definitely lifts my spirits to wear things that are cheerful and chic. That said, I have found a few good bets that help elevate my casual and take my “knock around togs” (what I call my weekend wardrobe) to a new level. For my knock-around wear during the fall I find myself sticking to a sportier (Spice) theme and find that playful and color-centric separates work best.
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Chatting with Erin Sachse of Eriness Jewelry

Throughout her career, Erin Sachse of Eriness jewelry has imbued her work with meaning vis-à-vis symbols and small icons. Her most recent symbolic iterations include her “Resist” and “Ladybug” collections. Eriness’ “Resist” is most definitely a range that is inspired-by and tailor-made for these times, and the Ladybug collection is an homage to Erin’s late mother and its path into existence includes a vivid dream and real touchstones from the sky and beyond.
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Matchy Matchy

With very few places to go, it’s difficult to commit the brain power and big styling energy into figuring out a legit ensemble. However, on the flip side, it is also a drag to feel and look sloppy—I am really trying to find that balance. A solution to this conundrum is embracing the matching set. It goes beyond simply wearing a monochromatic look.
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