Hat Attack: Fedoras

LA can be chastised for lacking seasons but I love to transition from summer to fall to winter with my hats.

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Gift Guide for the Cool Gen-Zer Niece

Take it from me, I have a Gen Z niece in my life and oh how do I want to be the cool aunt. If you are like me grab a NICE Pack and fill it with all her fav things. I am hoping to be the “cool” aunt this Christmas!
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Gift Guide for the Avid Traveler

Now that we can (almost) travel the world again. The NICE Pack is literally every travelers dream to be hands free running through the airport seamlessly. Plus it has all the right pockets for your passport, wallet and your particulars. My must have’s for travel is everything I chose to include in this bag.
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Gift Guide for the Malibu Mom

The NICE Pack is the carry-all that all moms need. Its a MUST have! Since I am a real Malibu Mom I filled the marigold NICE pack will everything all moms not only Malibu ones need. I especially, love the Caminos!
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Particular Picks Top 5: Sweater Vests

Nothing says fall quite like a sweater vest. TBH it's SUCH a good transitional piece because it's not too heavy and you can layer it a million different ways: tee shirt, bodysuit, blouse, men's shirting...etc. The options are as endless as the first semester class catalog!
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Particular Picks Top 5: Blazers

A good blazer can be the foundational piece in your wardrobe that takes you day to night and from casual to dressy. If you concentrate on the right cut, material, and weight, you can really maximize your outfit opportunities!
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