Birkenstocks Forever!

Birkenstocks are a perennial classic. They’re not just for your ceramics teacher from high school or the tourist trudging around the big city.

Green Monster Muffins

Sometimes the sight of green anything for kids is a deal breaker—except not these Green Oatmeal Muffins. They are beyond delicious and are packed with…

Sport Sandal Spirit

Instead of Birks or sneakers, I have been popping on my colorful Kenzo sandals to run to the Venice Farmer’s Market on Sundays.

Au Naturel Straw

It’s a little preppy, a little boho, and super easy to wear.

Fruit Forward

Fresh fruit in the summertime is a must—and I’m not just talking about a big bowl of berries.

Visor Vision

Memorial Day weekend is here and we’re praying for sunshine here in grey LA. We’re optimists so we figure it’s time to mix up our hat game and try a visor on for size.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

My personal belief is that Mother’s Day should truly be about what Mom wants to do. So whether that’s hang with the family in the am and…

Heads Up for Headbands

Finish off your look with a cool and fun statement headband. This season, your old childhood headbands are in!

Make a Statement: Belts

Forget the function of belts and take them as an entire piece on its own! Twist up your outfit with a statement belt.


Yes, we are in 2019, but we are still loving the nostalgia of 90s chokers, with a metal version twist!

Hoodies for the Hunnies

Hoodies are not just for sport fanatics; they have become one of the hottest accessory trends for 2019!

Spotted: Leopard Print

Be SPOTTED in this fabulously fierce 2019 trend. Leopard print is here once again to make your wardrobe chic and wild!

New Obsession: Chain Bags

The classic chain bag is back, and I am into it! This timeless and iconic accessory is getting a new life with funky designs and patterns, adding a new twist to an old classic. 

Stay warm in Statement Scarves

Time to stock up on statement scarves ladies, because they are officially the new statement necklace and are this season’s hottest accessory (literally!).

Step Out in Statement Heels

If you want to turn heads this season, you need to start with your feet. Statement heels are coming in hot, and right on time!

40th Bday Round Up!

What are the most important birthdays you have in your life? 1, 16, 21 and 40! This past September I turned the big 4-0. I thought I would do one last post to share all my favorite moments, tips and necessary particulars for each of my adventures.

Bold Bangles

Let’s get one thing straight in case you missed it: The 80s are back. We have continued to see this time and time again on the runways this season with bold bangles shining like never before!

White is the New Black

Last year, trend forecasters called it Tofu, but this year we are seeing all-white everything! Symbolically, white has many meanings attached to it (and should not always be associated with plain ol’ vanilla!).  

Dare to Accessorize Your Hair

Time to put your hair up ladies, because all the best hair accessories from the 80s and 90s are officially back in action.

To Top It All Off: Hats

Whether you’re an artist, a poet, an intellectual, a beatnik, a Che Guevara revolutionist or just a hipster, the beret is the perfect statement to top off any outfit.

Trend Alert: Circle Bags

The circle bag trend has been around for a few seasons, and for good reason. The strong bold geometric shape and the large variety of materials and sizes means it’s a fun addition to almost any outfit.

Highlighter Heaven

The 80s are back, big time. Brace yourself for highlighter hues coming to a retailer near you. We must admit that we assumed the neon days from the 80s and 90s were a thing of the past, but we were evidently mistaken!

Hoop Dreams

The answer is no, you haven’t time-travelled back to the 80s. Big statement hoops are back and more fabulous than ever and the final verdict is: the bigger the better!

You Can’t Handle All This Sparkle

Sparkly and shiny accessories are on the rise. Along with all the other 80’s trends coming back to the runway, flashy pieces are joining in on this movement.

Cozy Trend: Gloves

It’s starting to get chilly, so it’s time to bundle up! Gloves are must during the winter and they are a fantastic opportunity to add even more style to our daily outfits.

Giddy Up, Cowboy!

Many people are afraid to ride this fall trend. Sometimes people think that cowboy boots will make them look too country, but the runway looks this season showed us that there a lot of ways to make this accessory look totally chic.

Soft, Snuggly, and so Stylish: Shearling

Trust me, it’s worth investing in high quality shearling pieces. They last a lifetime and will look amazing all season. This cozy, comfortable, and classic trend is one of the most practical items you can buy.

Fifty Shades of Jade

Who doesn’t love the color green? And who doesn’t love jewelry? We couldn’t think of anyone either! There may be some skeptics out there but there is no denying the fact that jade jewelry is coming back in all shapes, colors and sizes this fall (and we aren’t mad about it)!

Pattern of the Moment: Patchwork Plaid

No, we aren’t talking about picnic blankets. We are talking about the timeless pattern that works on anybody (you too, guys)! This print has been fashionable for decades and has been spotted on runways consecutively since Fall 2017.

Living in Color: Gem Trends

Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend (at least since Carol Channing said so), but we shouldn’t discriminate against any sparkly stones! Life is too short to wear boring jewelry or accessories, and we are crazy for color!

Trend Alert: Chunky Chains

Whether they’re layered on your neck, dangling from your ears, hanging on your shoulder from your bag, or stacked on your wrist, the chunky chain…

Chunky Sneakers: Ugly or Awesome?

Whether you call it the chunky sneaker, the ugly sneaker, the dad shoe, one thing that can be agreed upon it that this oversized 90s inspired sneaker is making a big splash in the fashion world.

Spotted: Neon Animal Print

Brace yourselves. This emerging trend isn’t for the faint of heart. In its natural colors, animal print takes some courage to wear.

Get the Parisian Look

Anyone who has a passion for fashion can agree that the French have such a classy, effortless, and minimalistic look to their outfits. Because of that, it has to be the most envied style.

All Tied up in Silk 

We’re bringing back old Hollywood glam this summer with silk scarves.

Living in Linen

Move aside sailors and desert expediters. The fashion savvy are borrowing your go-to fabric this season. 

She Sells Seashells by the Seashore 

Seashell jewellery is no longer being looked at as your vaycay gift shop purchase, it is now the go-to piece for your summer wardrobe.

Summer Sandals: 2018 Edit 

What else goes hand-in-hand with summer, other than ice-cream, pool parties, and frozen cocktails? Sandals!  

It’s a backyard party!

Summer calls for endless BBQs and outdoor parties, and that means entertaining friends and family to the fullest. Be the hostess with the mostest by following our quick guide to setting up the most ideal outdoor space, with all the necessary particulars.  

Wedding Guest Edit 

Wedding season is in full effect. You may not be the center of attention in a white dress, but that doesn't mean you can't steal the show.

Beach Days Call for Beach Bags 

Living in LA, we're only ever a hop-skip-and-a-jump from the ocean. Packing for the beach is not always the simplest task, but it does all start by having the right beach bag. If you have the right bag you can take on the world. 

Twisted and Tied Up: Turbans for Summer 

While fashion turbans have drifted in and out of the spotlight for hundreds of years, in 2018 they have been thrust right back into trend with the unveiling of Marc Jacobs' and Gucci's collections.