Hat Attack: Fedoras

LA can be chastised for lacking seasons but I love to transition from summer to fall to winter with my hats.

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Hats On

They are the ultimate bad hair day cover-up. Copious amount of COVID roots or greys? Throw a hat on. Crispy surf hair? Throw a hat on.
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Swim Team

As we are edging into the real days of summer, I am happy to say that I have traded my daily sweats and loungewear for suits. No, not those kinds of suits, silly! Bathing suits. You still won’t catch me in pants with a button…
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Long Live Linen

Linen is the easiest, breeziest thing to slip on in the summertime. I don’t even care that it can look wrinkled either! It adds to the casual beach rumple that I look forward to every season.
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Things and brands I am loving right now!

After a big shopping drought during quarantine I have officially let the floodgates open. I’ve been on a tear and am discovering so many amazing brands and products from Black-owned businesses that I am eager to share with you.
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Face Masks but make it Fashion

I never thought I would be saying this, but….a face mask is truly the most essential accessory you need for summer 2020. We’re all in this together so that means we need to protect ourselves and our communities by masking-up.
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