Hat Attack: Fedoras

LA can be chastised for lacking seasons but I love to transition from summer to fall to winter with my hats.

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Particulars Picks: Top 5 Sunglasses

It goes without saying that sunglasses are a Particulars favorite. I am definitely not a minimalist when it comes to my eyewear. I switch up styles and colors really often because it’s such an easy way to augment a look. Here are some current favorites!
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Particulars Picks: Top 5 Sh-ackets (shirt jacket)

The sh-acket really rumbled on the scene recently and has been gaining in popularity. Truth be told, I've always loved this style. It's the perfect transitional item and the weight and structure of the shirt / jacket combo makes for a really tailored feel. Plus you can button them, belt them, or just wear loose and free. Options!
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