Chatting with Sherri McMullen & Chloe Warner of McMullen

Sherri McMullen and Chloe Warner are Oakland’s true dream team. This dynamic fashion and interior design duo concepted, conceived, and helped elevate East Bay boutique McMullen to the forefront of the Bay Area shopping scene. We loved sitting down with this thoughtful pair to understand what it takes to build a modern shopping experience.

Chatting with Gina Pell & Amy Parker of The What

The What is tricky to describe as just one thing—a weekly email, a carefully curated list of the best products, services, places and experiences, an annual summit and women’s symposium. However, one thing we can say with authority is that the founders of The What have cultivated an ever-evolving, inter-generational community of curious women.

Of Particular Importance to Hillary Peterson of True Botanicals

Hillary Peterson is transforming the beauty industry with her skincare line True Botanicals, a collection of pure, anti-oxidant loaded, nutrition-rich skincare products. We recently visited her shop to learn more about her particulars.

Chatting with Hillary Peterson of True Botanicals

Hillary Peterson is transforming the beauty industry with her California-based skincare line True Botanicals, a collection of pure, anti-oxidant loaded, nutrition-rich skincare products. We recently visited her beautiful boutique in San Francisco to learn more about her particulars.

Chatting With Emily Holt of Hero Shop

Emily Holt is a former Vogue fashion news editor and owner of Hero Shop, a Bay Area boutique with a carefully curated roster of designers with an emphasis on local talent. We recently visited the shop to talk about Emily's top particulars.

Chatting with Buffy Maguire

Buffy Maguire is a self-taught coffee roaster and Founder of Lady Falcon Coffee Club, a mobile café inspired by the rich history of the city by the Bay. Known for its signature vintage truck and appearances at festivals and events around town, Lady Falcon’s cups of coffee and libations are not only delicious, but are the definition of the ultimate hand-held accessory.

Chatting with Anine Bing

Anine Bing is a beloved global brand with cult following. The line manages to balance the soft and feminine with a distinct rock ‘n’ roll edge. I had the opportunity to meet founder and designer, Anine Bing, in her ever-expanding downtown HQ and get an inside scoop on her growing BING empire.

Chatting with Emily of EF Collection

Emily Faith is creator and designer of fine jewelry brand EF Collection. Featuring delicate, versatile pieces of 14K gold with diamonds and precious stones, her collection has become a favorite internationally and has recently been spotted on some of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars.

Chatting with Natalie Bloomingdale of The SIL

With The SIL, Natalie has leveraged the knowledge she’s gained from working in public relations to spotlight independent designers whom she loved wearing and felt they were not getting the attention they deserved. We visited Natalie to get the inside scoop on her quickly expanding roster of trendsetters.

Chatting with Zahava Ryzman

Sarah Chloe is more than just a minimalist jewelry brand; it gives the wearer a chance to personalize elements in their jewelry, making it even more special to wear. We sat with founder Zahava Reisman to learn more about her process and her daily life.

Chatting with Alexa Mateen of LA LA LÉXA

LALA LÉXA is a lifestyle brand created by and named after Alexa Mateen (a.k.a. ‘La la’), which features a collection of handbags bridging modern art with classic style. We met up with Alexa to learn more about the story behind her unique designs.

Chatting with Natalie Joos

Natalie Joos is a fashion blogger, vintage collector and designer of JoosTricot, a new line of high-quality, functional but flattering knitwear. We recently met up to discuss her storied career in the fashion industry and her buzzworthy new line.

Chatting with Jenna Blake

Jenna Blake was born with a true spirit of creativity. Her stunning vintage jewelry pieces come from many different places that Jenna finds inspiring, and I got the chance to sit and find out more about her creative mind.

Chatting with Kathryn Eisman

Two-time Emmy award winner Kathryn Eisman gave us a peek into her life of being a television journalist and sock designer. High Heel Jungle is Kathryn’s blog, and also her vibrant sock collection where she finds inspiration from all aspects of life.

Chatting with Laney Crowell

The Moment is a place where natural beauty fanatics can rejoice. We met with the brains (and beauty) behind the operation, Laney Crowell, to chat about her business.

Chatting with Sophie Jaffe

LA based health and wellness expert Sophie Jaffe gave us a glimpse into her life and told us her captivating journey to becoming a superfood guru. Philosophie is Sophie’s company, where she helps you find your body intuition, and where you can learn more about the amazing benefits of superfood.

Chatting with Tara Sowlaty

Crystal healer, nutrition expert, fashion guru and puppy lover, Tara Sowlaty, is no doubt living her dream! Her amazing website, How You Glow, incorporates all of her passions for us to enjoy.

Chatting with April Uchitel

April Uchitel sat down with me to talk business and how she went from working 9 years in fashion to taking Violet Grey to the next level and become the CEO of this incredible beauty brand!

Chatting with Gara Danielle

Gara Danielle, a health and wellness enthusiast found herself running her own massage boutique that has become LA's hottest new wellness destination. We had the opportunity of a lifetime to sit down and find out more about Gara's daily life.

Chatting with Negar Zad

I got to meet and sit down with local business owner and florist extraordinaire, Negar Zad of Your Flower Guide and talk all things flowers.

Chatting with Catherine McCord

Working mom Catherine McCord has her hands full raising three lovely kids and managing two organizations that better the lives of families with their homemade recipes and meals. We had the opportunity of a lifetime to sit down and find out more about Catherine’s daily life.

Chatting with Marissa Hermer

Balancing a busy restaurant, three kids and a marriage. How does Marissa Hermer do it?! We had the incredible opportunity to find out more about Melissa’s inspiration and life.

Chatting with Lauren Kleban

Need some fitspiration in your life? Meet Lauren Kleban, the woman behind the boutique workout craze, LEKfit! We had the awesome opportunity to sit down with her to learn more about how she built her fitness empire from her own backyard.

Chatting with Maya Brenner

Maya Brenner, an LA- based jewelry artist, is renowned for crafting asymmetrical, delicate modern jewelry designs. We had the amazing opportunity to sit down with her to learn more about her along with her journey to success. 

Chatting with Helen Johannesen

In 2015, Helen Johannesen embarked on a mission with the goal to create the best food and wine experience in Los Angeles and opened helen’s wines. We discussed her love and passion for curating the best wines from around the world, current wine trends and even her upcoming jewelry line! 

Chatting with Adrianna Costa

You likely know Adrianna Costa from her very successful television career. This California native has interviewed stars such as Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and George Clooney!  She also runs her blog, Haute Mom’s Life where she shares helpful tips and tricks to navigating motherhood. We had the privilege of interviewing her at her home and raiding her amazing shoe collection!

Chatting with Sophie Monet

We had the pleasure of visiting Sophie Monet in Venice Beach and talking all about her creative vision, travel, and go-to accessories.

Chatting with Janessa Leoné

In a delightful interview, we chat with Janessa Leone about breaking into the fashion industry, the challenges of being a CEO, and the importance of a good self-care routine.

Chatting with Ariel Gordon

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Ariel Gordon and chatting with her about her business, inspiration, and the age-old debate: can you mix gold and silver?

Chatting with Ivka Adam

Ivka Adam built the Iconery on her passion for beautiful jewelry made by real artists and a deep understanding of the inner workings of eCommerce.

Chatting with Chelsea Shukov

Chelsea Shukov, co-founder of Sugar Paper, creates beautiful stationery using a traditional letterpress. We discuss how her love for stationary blossomed and the growth of her business.

Chatting with Amy Rosoff Davis

Personal Trainer, Chef, Nutritionist, Lifestyle Guru - fully dedicated to helping others live their best life.

Chatting with Mindy Weiss

Founder of Mindy Weiss Party Consultants, author of three best-selling books and the queen of creating the party you'll never forget!

Chatting with Rachel Pally

Rachel Pally quickly caught the attention of Hollywood A-listers and her flowing jersey garments became a must-have; her name, a household one.

Chatting with Anita Patrickson

Possessing a truly diverse eye and a penchant for crafting bold looks has paved her way to becoming a highly sought-after celebrity stylist.

Chatting with Brianna Lance

A jewelry designer and a DJ? Those are just two of the skills that make Brianna Lance a total awe-inspiring #GirlBoss and someone that we could not wait to sit down and speak with.

Chatting with Andrea Linett

Andrea Linett, Creative Director/ Brand Consultant/ Author    Andrea is so cool, she wrote a book on it. Several books actually. We sat…

Chatting with Gabby Etrog Cohen

The woman who once outwardly hated spin class now heads up brand experience at international wellness brand, SoulCycle.

Chatting with Jenny Galluzzo

A huge supporter of women and a firm believer that the workplace should be flexible, Jenny Galluzzo and her partner Gina founded The Second Shift.

Chatting with Ashlee Margolis

Ashlee Margolis and her team at The A List are responsible for some of the most glamorous parties in LA and New York, including high profile celebrity and brand partnerships. 

Chatting with Ariel Kaye

Lover of all things home decor, Ariel Kaye knows a few things about creating cozy home.

Chatting With Simone LeBlanc

Formerly a personal stylist, Simone LeBlanc knows a few things about creating a beautiful environment.

Chatting with Alyssa Wasko

What began as a form of therapy when her father passed away, has become so much more.

Chatting With Allison Statter

Allison Statter knows her stuff. From branding and talent management to hair barrettes and hoarding grey T-shirts, Allison is an expert and she applies this savvy mindset to all aspects of her life.