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Particulars Picks: Top 5 Light Denim Must Haves

Since we just launched our most sought after bag our Light Wash denim NICE Pack. We wanted to round up a few other light denim items that are currently trending! These are some lusts and some musts and everything in between. Remember, denim never goes out of style. It has now become a timeless piece!

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Meet the new member of our N.I.C.E. Pack family

Denim, denim, denim…meet the new member of our N.I.C.E. Pack family the DENIM NICE Pack. Just as functional and cool as the OG NICE Pack but in a timeless, durable denim! It’s the perfect particular piece to finish off your Canadian tuxedo. I know you think you have enough NICE Packs but I promise this denim will not disappoint. Grab one before they sell out!
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Particulars Pick Top 5: Budget Denim Brands

Denim, denim, denim you can never go wrong with wearing denim. Dress it up or down its the staple that never gets old and actually gets better with age. I created a budget friendly denim edit i.e all under $100! I love going full Canadian tuxedo and adding a chambray top and a denim jacket. It’s ok to mix and match washes and colors. Have fun because you can’t go wrong.
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Particulars Pick Top 5: Elevated Loungewear

Elevated loungewear by DONNI. If you remember when we interviewed Alyssa Wasko the founder of DONNI. they were a budding accessory line and now they boast a whole collection of elevated basics that are perfect for anyone's closet! We love seeing our friends grow and thrive and cant wait to see what's next for the team at DONNI.
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Ellen Bennett Cooking Staples

Ellen is so zesty and clearly has tons of business savvy and true hustle. Her candor about starting a company and working to make it palatable for both restaurant chefs and home cooks is canny, cool, and way admirable.
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Particulars Pick Top 5: Leather Gloves

Along with forgetting that my feet get cold, I forget that my hands do too. Leather gloves are such a throwback but really look so chic on a city or mountain-town street—practical and indeed the most pretty.
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