Priscilla Cinq Set

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Priscilla Cinq set consists of Citrine, Carnelian, Aventurine, Amethyst, and Sodalite. The stones are measured around 2.5cm - 3cm. 

Citrine: The stone of financial abundance and opportunities. It is is associated with positivity and optimism. 

Carnelian: Carnelian is a vibrant energetic stone. It is known to be a gemstone that awakens a zest for life and taps into our power and creativity

Aventurine: The stone of prosperity. It is believed to stimulates and enhances creativity. 

Amethyst: The stone of protectivity. It is said to be healing and purifying. 

Sodalite: It empowers the analytical side of a person, creativity, observation, discipline, and clears one's vision.

Each stone is shaped differently and unique. Therefore, may differed from that pictured. 

Melissa Akkaway


Melissa Akkaway

An interview with the most particular person we know, The Particulars founder Melissa Akkaway.