Luciena Ceramic Incense Holder - Rose

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We believe that a simple morning routine really enhances your day - 'light your favourite incense, breathe in and sip your coffee,'. This is our self-care ritual.  

The ceramic is made in Japan and the incense holder is assembled in our Melbourne workshop. Designed with a teardrop shape brass base which compliments with Aethera gold-toned initial, the Luciena Ceramic Incense Holder in Rose will add an element of minimalist charm to your decor. 

Size: Ceramic is 17 cm in length, 2.5cm in height, and 11cm in width. Teardrop brass base with 2.3mm hole. 

Melissa Akkaway


Melissa Akkaway

An interview with the most particular person we know, The Particulars founder Melissa Akkaway.