Carson Meyer is the epitome of the word fresh. She has an effervescent, blithe spirit, but is also wise beyond her years. Carson also takes care of bodies and minds—she takes care of bodies through her cult favorite C & The Moon scrub line as well as taking care of the minds of expectant mothers through her work as a certified doula. Pre the era of physical distancing, we had the pleasure of visiting her at her Topanga Canyon retreat where we got a chance to spend the morning in resplendent nature complete with a visit from a wild, strutting peacock, just popping by to say hi, offering a magical touch to an inspired conversation.

C AND THE MOOON C & The Moon Malibu Made Body Scrub

Melissa: Tell me a little about your brand’s origin and how you became a skin-care entrepreneur?

Carson: Yes, it goes way back! My mom is an environmentalist and I have  vivid memories of getting into trouble for painting my nails in an unventilated room. My mom had Ken Cook from the EWG over for an event once— this was way before people were talking about clean beauty. He gave a lecture on the dangers and toxins in personal care products. From there, I was inspired to make and bake products out of ingredients from my pantry at home. This is how The Malibu Made Body Scrub came to be. When I later moved to New York, I relied on this formula to heal my skin from the harsh east coast winters.

Carson: It was actually my little brother who encouraged me to go forth in starting the business. He encouraged me to start making small batches to sell on Instagram. It did really well but I had no trademark, no business plan and very little organization. I took a year to get my ducks in order and move the operation out of my kitchen. That’s when C & The Moon was born.

Melissa: That is amazing! How many products are in the line?

Carson: As of now it is one product in three sizes. We also offer a candle. I strongly believe that we can’t talk about wellness or clean beauty, without acknowledging the responsibility we have in creating a healthier planet. We can’t buy our way out of this mess! Unfortunately, most packaging just does not cater to sustainability. I am waiting to launch the next product once I find the kind of sustainable packaging I feel reflects the integrity of the product inside the jar.

Melissa: Right. That is amazing! So, everything (fingers crossed) will be in glass or in some reusable container….

Carson: Yeah! What I love about our jars now is that they are reusable!

Melissa: Your line leans very celestial with the moon and branding. Does astrology play a part in any of this? Are you connected to it that way? What was the reason for choosing that as your logo?

Carson: I grew up by the ocean and one of my earliest memories is of my mom holding me as a baby watching the waves under the moon. Growing up in the water I saw how the tide and moon danced with one, it is a symbiotic relationship that always felt very familiar to me. I was also named after the author Rachel Carson wrote  “The Sea Around Us”. Her book makes connections between our solar system and the oceans. She is a huge inspiration for me.

Melissa: Can you speak a little more about how Malibu has inspired this product? What else have you taken from that experience, and how that has played through in your life on a daily basis?

Carson: I feel so lucky to have grown up there. I believe it helped shaped my passion towards environmental justice. When your backyard is home to wild life you really see what is at stake. I find Malibu to be a very misunderstood place. It is often perceived as a fancy weekend destination . In my experience it is a down to earth funky beach town.

Melissa: Walk us through how you became a doula and what was your journey towards that? I know you were inspired by a movie, but was there any other reasons that led you to becoming one? What was the process?

Carson: Yeah, the movie is called “The Business of Being Born.” It changed my life and propelled me on this path. I knew nothing about birth before watching the film. It ignited my passion for reproductive health and reframed my perception of childbirth. I trained to become a doula at BINI Birth and was certified through DONA. I don’t believe one ever really “completes” the learning in this field. With every birth I learn more,  and in many ways know less. No two birth are the same which is what makes it so magical.  A lot of the work is just trusting your intuition.

Melissa: How do you find your clients? What would set you apart from any other doula? How do you differentiate yourself from what you provide?

Carson: Funny enough, I found my first client in an elevator holding the pregnancy books from my training course.  Most clients come from word of mouth or the Loom community There is a doula for everyone!  No one doula fits every personality and everyone brings something unique to the table.  I am a doula that is very comfortable in a hospital setting. I think there is this belief that doulas are just for home births or unmedicated births which might have been true traditionally but not so much today.  I believe it is important to support all types of births. We are there to cater to the mothers needs whatever that looks like. I also offer birth photography which is something not many doulas do.

I find Malibu to be a very misunderstood place. It is often perceived as a fancy weekend destination . In my experience it is a down to earth funky beach town.

Melissa: You are so calming, I would have loved to have you with me. What are your particular routines during the day? Whether it be a beauty routine during the night or day? Choose one that you love.

Carson: I am not big on routines but I do meditate every morning before coffee ( my favorite morning routine) . I don’t have a lot of beauty routines, I have to admit. Scrubbing and bathing is a ritual I rely on often to nurture myself.

Melissa: Do you have any tips or tricks with the scrub that would recommend?

Carson: I just did an interview with Tracy Anderson recently who is a big Malibu Made Body Scrub fan and she was telling me that she uses the scrub dry and then scrubs with a dry brush to further exfoliate it into the skin before rinsing the sugar off. I have never used it in that way but she is always glowing so listen to her! I like to bring the two-ounce travel size scrub to a mani-pedi.

Melissa: What’s up next for you is next for you, either on the doula front or the product front?

Carson: More products – growing ‘C & the Moon’ for sure. Lots of baby steps.



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