Ariel Kaye, Founder & CEO of Parachute Home

Melissa: Parachute began because you saw a void in the marketplace. What was the inspiration and what got it off the ground?

Ariel: Years ago, while traveling in Italy, I found myself in a picturesque hotel on the Amalfi Coast. After a long day, I climbed into bed and discovered the softest, most sumptuous sheets I’d ever encountered. When I returned home, I went on a quest for similar bedding, but I couldn’t find a single brand that was high quality, affordable or convenient to buy.

Because home decor and interior design had always been interests of mine, the idea of Parachute was a natural fit – plus it was a way to contribute to others’ wellness. It was important to me not only to offer premium quality, but also sound sleep and a sense of comfort. I wanted to establish a brand that enabled people to start and end their days feeling their very best!

Melissa: What is your process – from design, to sourcing fabrics, to production?

Ariel: Our Bedding and Bath essentials are designed at our headquarters in Venice Beach; we then travel to mills around the world to locate the best manufacturing partners to produce them. By collaborating directly with expert craftsmen, we eliminate traditional retail licensing and distribution fees. We’re able to pass those savings along to the customer, so they can enjoy premium quality home textiles at a more accessible price.

Our Bedding is made in a family-owned factory, located in the Guimarães region of northern Portugal. Owned and operated by the founder’s great-grandchildren, the mill has adopted modern technologies while preserving their culture’s time-honored techniques. You can have a look at our amazing factory partners here.

Melissa: Parachute is now more than just bedding. Why did you decide to take the leap into home décor?

Ariel: Today, people are designing their space as a whole, not room by room. Our mission is to be a part of the everyday rituals in all areas of the home, from the Sheets in your bedroom to the Towels in your bathroom to the Table Linens in your kitchen.

We appeal to the modern shopper by offering timeless pieces intended to be layered, mixed and matched. Instead of focusing on shifting styles and trends, we design each item to complement our entire assortment of home essentials. It’s a more holistic approach to design and comfort.

Melissa: What was your favorite room to decorate in your house? What are your favorite home accessories?

Ariel: The living room is my favorite room because it’s where we spend the most time with our friends and family. I love hosting, so I designed the living room to be welcoming. The room is chock full of items that create a cozy and relaxing environment, from oversize Pillows and Throws to a gallery wall full of personal photos and artwork.

Our mission is to be a part of the everyday rituals in all areas of the home, from the Sheets in your bedroom to the Towels in your bathroom to the Table Linens in your kitchen.

Melissa: How would you describe Parachute’s aesthetic? Is that a reflection of your personal style or has it influenced your personal style?

Ariel: Parachute’s unfussy style and neutral color palette appeal to a variety of design aesthetics. We aren’t in the business of fast fashion. Instead, we are committed to providing the highest quality home essentials that only get better with time.

My personal aesthetic doesn’t differ much from that of Parachute’s. I’m influenced by the natural landscapes of Southern California – from the beach to the desert – and by Scandinavian design. I’d say that Parachute was initially a reflection of my personal style, but as the team has grown and we’ve expanded our assortment, it’s now a reflection of Parachute!

Melissa: What is your personal favorite bedding set?

Ariel: Currently, I’m loving our Blush Linen Duvet Cover paired with White Percale Sheets. I skip the Top Sheet since we all know it just ends up tangled at the foot of the bed. I keep our Essential Quilt at the foot of the bed. It’s perfect for layering – especially during the colder months – adding both texture and warmth. I like to finish off my bed with an assortment of Pillows, Shams and Euro Shams – the more the merrier!

Melissa: Other than a good night’s sleep, what is your morning ritual?

Ariel: I drink hot water with lemon to help flush my digestive system and rehydrate the body. Then I take my dog, Lox, on a walk. It’s my favorite morning ritual – it gets us both going!

FYI I can’t leave the house without making my bed! It’s proven to make you happier and gives a sense of accomplishment. Most importantly, though, making your bed in the morning and getting between the Sheets at night becomes a special ritual to bookend your day.

Melissa: What is one accessory you never leave the house without?

Ariel: I never leave home without my “Lox” necklace. She’s a two-year-old mini labradoodle and just the best! This yellow gold necklace lets me keep her close at all times!

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