Sarah Gibson Tuttle, Founder of Olive & June

Melissa:  From New York to LA, financier to nail salon girlboss, when did you realize it was time to make such a life change?

Sarah: Working in finance was a fantastic way for me to learn impeccable client service. The problem was that I never deeply cared about the markets like my peers. There was a moment, about six or seven years in, where I said to myself: I have to find my passion. It realized itself a few years later when I dreamt up Olive & June

Melissa:  LA weather certainly gives you more of an excuse to always keep up a perfect pedicure. Was your obsession with a well-polished toe a driving force in your move to the west coast?

Sarah: The weather certainly was. And who doesn’t love a perfect pedi in a sandal all year round.

Melissa:  When working in NYC, did you find yourself keeping your polish colors and nail art designs more subtle or were you always known as the girl with the cool nails?

Sarah: Totally subtle. I never knew how much I could love nail art until Olive & June.

Melissa: Olive & June is named after your great-grandmother and grandmother. Were they nail salon addicts too? Did they have a go-to nail color?

Sarah: June loves a subtle pink mani too! She’s always perfectly styled.


Totally subtle. I never knew how much I could love nail art until Olive & June.

Melissa:  What are your top go-to nail colors? Do you have a favorite this season?

Sarah: Right now I’m obsessed with blues – pale blue, deep cobalt, etc. Normally, I’m always in a nude mani or pedi, or both.

Melissa:  A perfect mani is like a canvas for a well-accessorized hand. Are you a jewelry girl? Silver or gold? Statement pieces or classic? Lots of rings or keep it simple?

Sarah: Mostly rose gold or gold but I have a silver Sophie Buhai egg pendant that I can’t stop wearing. And for rings, it’s usually just my wedding and engagement rings.

Melissa:  Olive & June also has a sandal collection. What’s the story behind the Saturday sandal?

Sarah: We really wanted to create a sandal that was super chic and a perfect-for-pedicures sandal.

Melissa:  Speaking of sandals, it’s no secret that I am shoe-obsessed. As Queen of the Nails, you must have quite the sandal collection of your own. What’s your favorite pair?

Sarah: Other than the Saturday Sandals? This pair from Beatrice Valenzuela.

Melissa:  Olive & June is just as much about the experience as it is about the manis and pedis. How did you come up with the design concept and what was yourinspiration?

Sarah: We worked with Brady Cunningham at Wall for Apricots to create your stylish best friend’s house, that felt really warm and inviting

Melissa:  You now have salons in Beverly Hills, Pasadena, and Santa Monica. Do you see yourself ever heading back to your roots and opening a salon in NYC?

Sarah: Some day!


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