Sarah Hendler, Founder of Sarah Hendler Jewelry

SARAH HENDLER Shirley 18K Yellow Gold Stacking Band

Sarah Hendler has always had an eye for show-stopping pieces. Growing up, she remembers her grandmother forever adorned with glamorous statement necklaces and earrings. A fond collector of estate and vintage pieces, her sharp eye for detail got her pieces noticed by friends who suggested she try her hand at designing. It wasn’t long before Sarah took the plunge into full-time jewelry designing and her eponymous collection was born.

Melissa: Where does your love of jewelry stem from?

Sarah: My grandmother, Ethel, was a pretty amazing woman. She always wore a big ring and she loved costume jewelry. It was her age, her generation. I got into an obsession of wearing jewelry to feel safe [like she did].

I draw a lot of my inspiration from these unique vintage finds. For example, I have one purse covered in vintage findings: buttons, pearls, turquoise. You can see this bag reflected in a lot of my rings.

Melissa: When did you decide to make the career move to jewelry designer? Were there particular events that lead up to it?

Sarah: I’ve always loved vintage pieces, so I always wear them. I was working in film as a producer and people kept asking me about my jewelry. Out of nowhere, they were telling me I should make jewelry. I thought that would be interesting! I had jewelry friends, people I went to fix stuff that I had and I asked them about manufacturing – it all just started happening! People started liking what I was creating. The real jump happened after I was invited to show in Couture –  big jewelry show in Vegas.  I had to decide quickly if this was really what I wanted to do and if so, use the show as a platform. That’s kind of how the progression happened.

Melissa: How would you describe your personal jewelry style?

Sarah: I like to mix estate and vintage jewelry with more modern stuff. I’m definitely a ring girl!

Melissa: Describe your collection in 3 words.

Sarah: Chic. Timeless. Beautiful.

Melissa: Why did you choose enamel as your medium?

Sarah: I love enamel from estate and vintage jewelry. It was a creative way to use color without adding more stones and more cost. It’s all made in handmade in LA.

Melissa: Do you have a favorite gemstone?

Sarah: I love sapphires – especially a dirty old sapphire.  I’m a big navy girl and love blue stones. The guy I buy my stones from gave me some sapphires and I might have to keep them for myself. They are gorgeous!

Melissa: What is one piece you never leave the house without?

Sarah: I have a little heart with a pearl on it that has “Mama” engraved on the back. I also wear my wedding band no matter what. I have a band that I got a year after and I also wear that all the time.

SARAH HENDLER Shirley Blue Topaz & 18K Yellow Gold Single Spear Earrings


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