Amy Rosoff Davis, Personal Trainer, Chef, Nutritionist, Lifestyle Guru

Dedicated to helping others live their best life, it’s obvious Amy Rosoff Davis is one of the good ones. What began as a side gig, flourished into a lifestyle. Amy is known as Selena Gomez’s trainer in addition to being trainer to a long roster of other A-list celebs. On top of that, she is a dedicated mother, nutritionist, chef, and lifestyle guru. She is all about self-love, self-care, and finding your inner happiness.

Melissa: What are three things you couldn’t live without in your health regime?

Amy: Inferred sweating. I recommend doing it three times a week. For my face, iS Clinical. I use it day and night. For my diet: avocados. I incorporate them into my meals every day.

Melissa: What is your favorite kind of workout?

Amy: Yoga or Pilates. But, if I had to choose one, it would for sure be yoga.

Melissa: If you could give one nutrition tip what would it be?

Amy: Finding a good relationship between you and food is so important. Food is everything. Culture, tradition, you need it to live. Eat in a way not to be skinny but in a way, that’ll make you feel good and is nourishing.

Melissa: What’s a typical day in the life of Amy Rosoff Davis?

Amy: I wake up and make tea. It’s an addiction. I have PG Tips with honey and whole milk. It’s my one treat and has been for four years. Then I’ll start the bottle and get my little one up. We usually let her talk to herself for about 30 minutes before we go get her. We have some family time before checking emails.

Depending on if I have an early client or not, we’ll make breakfast and have it together. I usually have between 3-4 clients in the early afternoon. I try to be finished around 2. She naps while I catch up on emails. Recently we’ve been going to friends’ houses to swim and play. Dinner is at 7. We have a glass of wine while she eats. After baby’s bedtime, all I have the energy for is a piece of grilled meat and to watch an episode of “A Handmaid’s Tale”.

In-between all that, I have voice over auditions, whatever social media post I have for the day, and phone calls with my agents. Right now, I’m working on a play that’s closing in two weeks and has had a lot of success. There’s never a down moment.

Melissa: What’s your favorite healthy meal?

Amy: Grilled meat and grilled or roasted vegetable or salad.

Finding a good relationship between you and food is so important.

Melissa: If you have cheat days, what does your dream cheat meal look like?

Amy: Probably Italian food. I would go to Italy and just work my way through.

Melissa: Who has been your favorite person to train? Or what are some characteristics of the perfect client?

Amy: I have really become friends with a lot of my clients. I started training Hannah Simone this last year and we’ve become really good friends. She’s so funny. We just have so much fun. But I just love all of my girls.

Melissa: What is your must-have accessory when working out?

Amy: My small 9-inch Pilates ball. It has so many uses.

Melissa: Which workout clothes or brand is your favorite?

Amy: Adidas. I find that their shoes are just really comfortable and love how they look. I also love their fun jackets and sports bras.

Melissa: What’s your favorite workout song?

Amy: I came here for love by Sigala. I love pop music.

Melissa: What’s your favorite workout shoe?

Amy: Adidas or my new Selena Gomez Puma shoes.

Melissa: Is there one job out of your many that you love more than the other?

Amy: I reached a point in my acting career where it wasn’t making me happy. Then Selena asked me to go on tour with her to help her train. Being on tour was an incredible experience. When I got back, my business started growing from a part-time job to more of a career. I realized how much happier I was working with people and making them feel good. I was talking about food and exercise, having fun listening to pop music and dancing or whatever. So, I started doing that more and it makes me really happy.

Melissa: If we went into your closet what accessory would we would find a lot of?

Amy: White T-shirts. My go-to outfit is Levi’s and a white t-shirt, then workout clothes.

Melissa: Favourite thing to do outside?

Amy: Probably hiking, yoga, or a trip to the ocean. I just love water.


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Particular calling: What do you do?

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Particular style: What’s your uniform?

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