Brianna Lance, Creative Director/Musician/DJ/Editor/ Designer of Brianna Lance Jewelry
A jewelry designer and a DJ? Those are just two of the skills that make Brianna Lance a total awe-inspiring #GirlBoss and someone that we could not wait to sit down and speak with. Read on to find out how Brianna balances her personal style, where her own inspiration comes from and which are her favorite particulars.

Melissa: You have many job titles from designer to musician that would be listed on your CV. What role defines current day to day?

Brianna: When people ask me that question “What do you do for a living?” I panic. I don’t know what to say anymore. I answer “Um, a lot of stuff?” Jewelry, DJing, consulting, the list goes on.

Melissa: Which job role or skill is your favorite? And how did you get started in each?

Brianna: Whatever I am working on at the current time is my favorite. I usually love the ones that generate the least income the most. When it becomes the thing that earns you the most money, it becomes the most stressful.

I got started doing all these things because I just started doing them! My personality doesn’t let me just do things as a hobby. Everything I do I tie to an enormous amount of stress and pressure. I start doing things for fun or as an outlet and then this personality trait just brings on the pressure.

Melissa: Of all your roles, past, present, and future, which has been the most challenging, rewarding and creative?

Brianna: The most rewarding thing about all my various positions is when you make or create something and see someone wearing it – or if you see them just enjoying what you have created. That’s special.

Melissa: You’ve designed for both women’s and men’s fashion lines. How does the design process differ? Which did you prefer?

Brianna: Men are really fun to design for in a conceptual woman way because you’re thinking “This is how dudes should dress to be hot”. But, women are more fun to design for because women shop. Men don’t have as much fun with getting dressed.

Melissa: What design companies have you worked for?

Brianna: I had my own men’s company for a while called Basic Rights. Before that, I worked for Reformation for 6 years. I started consulting when I still had the men’s company, which was 3 years ago.

Melissa: How would you describe your personal style?

Brianna: I guess it would fall between a dress-up box and something a little boy would wear to school. It’s very comfort-driven. I definitely don’t wear uncomfortable shoes or anything that is fussy. I like color a lot.

Melissa: What accessory in your collection are you currently obsessed with?

Brianna: My jewelry, of course! I recently got my ears pierced so lately I’ve been obsessed with earrings.

Melissa: How did you come up with your jewelry line and what was the inspiration behind it?

Brianna: When I pulled images of jewelry I loved, almost all of it was ancient Egyptian or Roman museum pieces. I thought it would be cool to incorporate those design details with other aspects. I am also very superstitious and gravitate towards the Yin and Yang, St. Christopher and pearls.

My creative director Andrea described my taste as very 90’s surfer. So overall our aesthetic became Roman-influenced pieces with a 90’s surfer vibe.

When I pulled images of jewelry I loved, almost all of it was ancient Egyptian or Roman museum pieces.

Melissa: Are there any trends you love this season?

Brianna: I love all the super electric, beautiful pink. It’s usually colors that I gravitate towards when things are new.

Melissa: Judging from Instagram, your apartment seems to be a bohemian dream. What are some must-have home accessories that create a welcoming environment?

Brianna: Plants! I have a very love-hate relationship with possessions, except plants. I am constantly getting rid of stuff. There was a two-year period where there was no furniture in my apartment aside from my bed and my plants.

Melissa: What are your favorite pair of shoes?

Brianna: My favorite shoes are high-top Converse.

Melissa: What are you currently listening to?

Brianna: It changes a lot because I DJ so much and do music projects, so it has to be a lot of different vibes and moods. Right now, all African and experimental jazz. Spotify gives you a weekly discover playlist and it’s the most exciting day of my week.

Melissa: How do people find you? Is it word of mouth?

Brianna: I have one really great agent for everything that isn’t music and one for everything that is music. Some of it is word of mouth or people that I know. It’s very organic.

Melissa: What is one accessory you never leave the house without?

Brianna: Jewelry! I feel naked without it. The other is eyeliner.

Melissa: What is your exercise of choice?

Brianna: I do yoga and Pilates at my house almost every single day.

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