Bridgette Feuerstein is the content creator of halfway hippie. She is passionate about living a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle yet realistic and sometimes enjoys a raw diet but the other half of the time enjoys binging a good reality show like the rest of us. She's known for sharing life updates with her cute baby, rapper husband and living a nontoxic life style 80% of the time.

Melissa: What is your particular morning routine and particular nighttime routine?

Bridgette: My mornings look a little different now that I have a baby. I typically get up, brush my teeth and tongue scrape before having a big glass of water. My husband typically makes me eggs and oatmeal for breakfast while I pump and then I wash it all down with a matcha. If I have the time I then go and do a quick 5 step skincare routine and then I’m off for the day!

Melissa: How do you take your coffee?

Bridgette: I’m actually a matcha girl! I make an iced matcha with oat milk and maple syrup every morning!

Melissa: Ok, yum. I need to try that…What are your go to brands that are particular to you? Tell us your go-to denim, white t-shirt, bra or underwear, shoes, PJ’s or brand you splurge or invest in?

Bridgette: Right now I’m loving re/done denim / white tee would be “Wilfred” brand from Aritzia, nursing bra from Spanx and Cuup underwear are the softest ever! I’ve been loving my Ugg slip ons or the pillow slides from Amazon, pajamas for me lately have been sweat pants from Brandy Melville and a crop top for easier nursing, I’ll splurge on Reformation (love that they are sustainable) and I’ll pretty much impulse buy anything from Free People.

Melissa: Particular favorite song to blast in the car?

Bridgette: One of my husband’s unreleased new songs.

Melissa: What is your particular vice? 

Bridgette: Beer and French fries!

Melissa: What is your particular travel destination? 

Bridgette: I would love to go to Thailand or Bali but if I was to travel somewhere I’ve already been before I’d go back to Japan!

Melissa: What particular item in your home could you never part with?

Bridgette: I love my coffee table – it’s my favorite piece of furniture I’ve ever owned!

Melissa: Anything you’re particularly obsessed with at the moment?

Bridgette: The resurrection girl face mask from Pai Skincare.

Melissa: Particular thing you wish you made more time for or prioritize more?

Bridgette: Getting out of the house more. I get really caught up in my routines.

Melissa: What is one particular thing you wish you never said or wore or bought?

Bridgette: I wish I didn’t care what people thought about me as much when I was younger – I think I would have been a lot happier.

Melissa: What is your favorite go-to meal to cook?
Bridgette: I love a good rice bowl. I usually start it with a rice cooked in bone broth and then build on that with a protein of some sort (meatballs, shredded chicken, beans) some veggies (sautéed kale, asparagus, shredded carrots) and then I add something fermented (kimchi or sauerkraut).

"Be consistent and don’t give up because good things take time"

Melissa: What was a particular turning point in your life?

Bridgette: When I was 24 and left my 9-5 job to take my health coaching business full time.

Melissa: What particular thing that makes you feel scared? Anxious? Pet peeve? Happy? Excited? Cry?

Bridgette: Terrified of bugs / the pressure of being a good enough mom makes me anxious / last minute cancelled plans drives me nuts / hearing my son laugh makes me happy / traveling makes me excited / and I cry at too many things to pick just one.

Melissa: What particular thing that your younger self wouldn’t believe that you’ve done now?

Bridgette: Married a rapper. HA!

Melissa: Whats a particular misconception people have about you or what you do?

Bridgette: That I never eat bad and everything I do is non-toxic / I still cheat 20% of the time, I don’t believe in “perfection”.

Melissa: Particular person or people you would want to host a dinner with?
Bridgette: I’d love one last dinner with my dad who passed.

Melissa: What particular business advice you would give someone who is just getting started in their career?

Bridgette: Be consistent and don’t give up because good things take time.

Melissa: Who was a particular person who impacted your life?
Bridgette: My first boss taught me a lot of about emotional intelligence. She emphasized to me a high EQ helps you to build relationships, reduce team stress, defuse conflict and improve job satisfaction and this dramatically helped me in my personal and working relationships.
Melissa: What is the nicest advice someone has given you?
Bridgette: My therapist once asked me “would you rather be happy or be right?” Made me second guess fighting every battle to be “right”.
Melissa: Particularly challenging time in your life that you were able to grow/learn from?
Bridgette: I’d say my college years were hard, I felt a lot of pressure to be liked and loved by others so deeply that I left behind a lot of my morals and changed myself to fit a mold I didn’t need to fit. I’ve learned that I’m an acquired taste (like a good glass of wine) so not everyone is going to get me or like me but that’s ok.
Melissa: Particular moment you are most proud of?
Bridgette: Not to be cliche but the moment I became a mom.

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