Jenni Kayne is a fashion designer who's style exudes beyond the perfect slip on mule, cardigan, or throw pillow. She has quietly built a following that emulates her effortlessly cool California chic. Her ethos sets the scene for living well, and I'm here for it.

Melissa: What is your particular morning routine?

Jenni: I start my day with a yerba mate tea or an iced matcha latte iced with almond milk. After I have that, I’ll try to meditate. Then I wash my face and get ready for the day.

If I have extra time, I’ll make sure to foam roll. In terms of exercise, I ride horses in the morning before work and before dropping my kids off at school, and then I do Pilates and Gyrotonic two times a week in the afternoon.

When I wake up I’ll check my phone and then I won’t look at it until I’ve finished my routine, which I feel really helps me start my day off on the right foot.

Melissa: What are your go to brands that are particular to you? Tell us your go-to denim, white t-shirt, bra or underwear, shoes, PJ’s or brand you splurge or invest in?

Jenni: For t-shirts, I love Jenni Kayne for elevated basics and Re/Done for a more casual look. I always like to invest in pieces from The Row—and Jenni Kayne, of course.

Melissa: What is your particular song to blast in the car?

Jenni: My kids control the music in my car these days, so what we’re listening to can really vary. If it’s just me, I’ll usually turn on a playlist that my sister Maggie made.

Melissa: What is your particular travel destination?
Jenni: I love the Amangiri. It’s such a dream destination where you can really unwind and immerse yourself in nature.
Melissa: What is your particular go-to meal to cook? 
Jenni: I love everything from Pamela Salzman, especially her vegetable curry.
Melissa: What is your particular restaurant of choice?
Jenni: Gjelina is one of my absolute favorites! I love how seasonal their menu is.
Melissa: Particular favorite thing in your closet?
Jenni: I have a velvet YSL blazer from one of Tom Ford’s first collections with the brand, and it’s hands-down my favorite piece in my closet. Julianne Moore wore the same style on the red carpet once, too.

I think there’s so much beauty in embracing life’s imperfect moments and just letting it all unfold.

Melissa: A particular turning point in your life?
Jenni: When I had kids. It sounds cliche, but it totally changed my world for the better.
Melissa: What particular thing that makes you feel scared, anxious, happy, excited or cry?
Jenni: I ride horses almost daily, and it’s truly my happy place. So much so, that when we were building our home in LA, we built a barn, which is now home to a whole family of animals we rescued. We have goats, mini donkeys, chickens, and ponies. It’s so fun and there’s never a dull moment.
Melissa: What particular business advice you would give to your younger self?
Jenni: Hire people that are smarter than you and stay in your lane!
Melissa: What particular products are you currently obsessed with? 
Jenni: Oak Essentials Moisture Rich Balm. My skin has never looked or felt better. I use it morning and night and it gives my complexion the perfect glow.
Melissa: Is there anything else particular you want people to know about you?

Jenni: I’m a Virgo in the truest sense, so I’m definitely particular! That being said, I think there’s so much beauty in embracing life’s imperfect moments and just letting it all unfold.

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