Mindy Weiss the queen of creating the party you’ll never forget. And I speak from experience. From my 21st birthday to my wedding, baby showers, and celebrations in between, Mindy has been my go-to. She is a creative mastermind, organized genius, and one of the loveliest and most genuine people I have met. Known for A-list celebrity parties, designer galas, and destination weddings, she does it all with an elegance, professionalism, and her signature Mindy flair.


Melissa: Your career began in stationery. What type of stationery were you designing? Were they mostly party invitations?

Mindy: My first husband had odd hours working in produce so I wanted to find something that matched that. I found work in a little stationery store. I met my best friend Janis there and we created a company called Jam. We started doing custom invitations out of my garage. Friends started to ask me to organize their parties, in addition to the invitations I was creating. I wasn’t sold at first because any event planners I had met were very cranky and unhappy. But I did my first party and from that party, I got like twelve parties, so that’s how it all started.


Melissa: You are known for throwing parties for some high-profile clients. Who was your first? Can you tell us about the party?

Mindy: My very first celebrity client was Brooke Shields when she was marrying Andre Agassi. I had no idea what would come with it, but I was excited to meet her. The party got a lot of press. Once you do a celebrity party, it’s like other celebs trust you. Security is always an issue, so they rely on referrals. It’s a close-knit circle that I found my way into.


Melissa: From weddings to baby showers, bat mitzvahs to corporate events, which would you say is your favorite kind of party to throw?

Mindy: I’m known for my weddings, but what I actually love to do are kids’ parties, bridal showers, birthdays, and other celebrations because you’re not as emotional. When you do a wedding, you’re committed for a year.  When you’re planning last-minute parties, the event comes and goes and you can just have fun with it.


Melissa: People always say brides are the most difficult clients (bridezillas!). But speaking from experience, what kind of client is the most challenging?

Mindy: I’ve had, in my 30 years, maybe two bridezilla’s! So I’m lucky. Because I become close to my clients, there’s definitely respect.


I grew up in a home where my mom always threw themed, over-the-top, crazy parties. It was her thing, so maybe it’s in my blood.

Melissa: Where do you draw inspiration for the décor at your parties? Do clients usually come to you with a clear vision or is it always off to the drawing board?

Mindy:  I have gone to flea markets on Sundays since I was in my young teens and I find tons of inspiration there. At a flea market, you can feel like you’re in Morocco, Tulum, or in your grandmother’s closet. Also, thank goodness for Pinterest. My brides bring me their inspiration and it’s often too much of a good idea. I have to take their Pinterest ideas and tone them down, while still incorporating what they want to do.


Melissa: You’re not just an event planner. You’re a blogger, vlogger, author, mom, avid Instagrammer… How do you find the time to do it all? Do you have any Mindy rituals? A fitness regime? A weekly spa day?

Mindy: I have my priorities. I always tell my clients that if my kids call, I’m taking it. When they walk through that door, I stop. They’re number one. I’m not around a lot, so I’m as present as possible when I am. I have enough love for my brides, my kids, my granddaughters.  I do Pilates three times a week and save Fridays for manicures (#manicureFridays). I’ve been going to my manicurist since ’78!


Melissa: Amidst all your amazing images of events on Instagram, we can’t help but notice your ‘nailfies’ (nail selfies) and perfectly accessorized hands. What is your go-to nail salon?

Mindy: Hands Across the Table. I wanted to support her and help her grow her following, that’s why I started ‘Manicure Fridays’ to get her going.


Melissa: If we were to raid your jewelry box/accessories closet, would rings be what we find most of? What is your accessory addiction?

Mindy:  Vintage jewelry. I’m obsessed with Gucci and I have too much of it. I also have a few really good Zara pieces right now.


Melissa: In addition to all that you do, you have also written three books. Can you tell us a little about them and why they are crucial to planning and organizing your life?

Mindy: The big book which is almost 500 pages everything you need to know when getting married. The organizer you fill in and it keeps you on schedule. Then my baby organizer is for keeping all your memories of your baby in one place.


Melissa: Tell us about the RollaSole flats. Why are they the perfect party favor for any party?

Mindy:  RollaSole approached me because they wanted to collab with me for something at parties that were cooler than flip-flops and looked better. So, part of their line is a bridal collection that you can give your guests when dancing. I try to have them at all my parties, but they are not cheap. However, they are cute, champagne colored, and so comfortable. People grab them and are very happy when they put them on.


Melissa: What is something people would say is signature Mindy Weiss?

Mindy: I think I’m very well known for details. There will always be some extra little thing on the table or something unexpected. People always think “ugh another wedding”, so I always try and add a little bit of humor to lighten up.


Melissa: You recently started YouTubing and vlogging? How do you like that?

Mindy: YouTube is too hard. It’s just another job. Instagram, I do all on my own. But I love vlogging.

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