Tara Sowlaty’s site How You Glow, incorporates all things fashion, food, travel and crystals. I had a chance to meet with her to learn more about her wonderful journey to finding herself and discovering her true passions.

Melissa: Describe how you got into each of your roles? What was your path?

Tara: When I was 14 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and it made me want to learn about how food can heal my disease. I was medicated from the moment I got diagnosed and I wanted to see if I could heal myself, so I got into veganism. Since becoming vegan, my inflammation levels were zero and it was the first time in my entire life. After business school, I enrolled in the The Natural Gourmet Institute and totally fell in-love. All of my teachers at cooking school were all ex-vegetarians and current meat eaters. They taught us that you have to listen to your body and what it wants. It isn’t about being extremely excessive, it’s more so about knowing what your body needs. I stopped being a vegan after 3 years and put more thought into my diet and what my body needs. When I finished cooking school I decided to enroll in The Institute for Integrated Nutrition where they had health coaching programs, different dietary theories, and how to coach people in nutrition. During that time, How You Glow started, and I was busy doing a lot of different things from meal deliveries, to coaching clients. Eventually, I chose to focus on How You Glow where everything I love is incorporated into one site, with fashion, food, design, health and wellness. I have been obsessed with crystals from a young age and took my trip to Bali as an inspiration for my collections.

Melissa: How do you seek inspiration for your blog?

Tara: Traveling is huge for me. I think I’ve taken 42 flights this year alone! I feel very weird when I’m not in a new place or exploring, it’s my ultimate high to find a place and sharing it with people. My inspiration is trying to share the goodness that I find for other people. It makes me feel really good to know that my findings added something special to other people’s lives.

Melissa: Do you have any specific beauty routines or products that you are loving right now?

Tara: My constant has been Vintner’s Daughter. It is truly the most magical product. I also love the creamy cleanser by True Botanicals. I just started using  Melanie Simon’s Vitamin C Serum. I am also obsessed with sunscreen in any environment, whether I’m inside or outside. Sometimes I switch into the Joanna Vargas Serumas a base underneath everything else.

My inspiration is trying to share the goodness that I find for other people. It makes me feel really good to know that my findings added something special to other people’s lives.

Melissa: What does self-care and wellness mean to you? What is your routine?

Tara: It’s become so ingrained in my daily life that I don’t even think about it. I drink a lot of water when I wake up. I always integrate a shot of apple cider vinegar and water to cleanse and detox. I take walks every single day – it has changed my life. Being in nature with my dog and listening to a podcast is therapeutic. I try to incorporate meditation into my daily practices like when I’m driving. Incorporating meditation into my set routine is a nice way to make it more casual and not stress about it.

Melissa: What is your favorite accessory?

Tara: I have so many hats. My favorite hat designer is Janessa Leone. But I truly have a lot of shoes! I think I own almost 300 pairs of shoes! I also have a lot of jewelry, and my everyday pieces that I never take off.

Melissa: Do you have a specific style?

Tara: I really get dressed based on one piece of clothing and then I build an outfit around that. I base it on the weather as well. I only wear cross body bags.

Melissa: Are there any brands that you particularly love?

Tara: I have many different bags from Clare V that I love. I also love Celine but I feel more me when I’m wearing nameless.

Melissa: Is there a particular meal you love to cook?

Tara: I love cooking big chicken thighs. It’s satisfying and easy to cook. If you like curry, I have a highlighted story on Instagram of a curry mustard chicken recipe.

Melissa: What’s next on the horizon for you?

Tara: With getting married, you kind of re-evaluate your life and you question what is going to set you up for the next stage. I always wanted to get into selling my own products, with having a background in creating and selling clothes when I was younger. I want to have a changeable thing that can benefit other people’s lives.

Melissa: What’s your list of top places you would like to go if you were to pack your bags right now?


1. Vietnam

2. St. Barts

3. Israel

4. Peru

5. Patagonia

6. Istanbul

Melissa: What do you love most about what you do?

Tara: It doesn’t feel real in a way that I get to dabble in every little thing that I love. Getting to meet people and learn from them is really cool and special. I am forever grateful that I get to be in this position.

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