Hi, I'm Melissa. Founder of The Particulars and The NICE Pack. I am pretty particular about all things! I founded The Particulars.com in 2017 and I interview other particular people, like myself, to bring you the most particularly interesting, necessary, and worthwhile guides on fashion, travel, beauty, entrepreneurship, and more. In October 2021, The Particulars launched it’s first D2C product: The N.I.C.E. PACK — a chic, affordable, modern-day fannypack for all of your in-case-of-emergency items. After interviewing over 150+ pretty particular people for The-Particulars.com, we have a learned a thing or two about what they are looking for when it comes to accessories.

With their help, we’ve created a new kind of carryall that puts fannypacks of the past to shame. Imagine room for all your need-cessary essentials… and then some. We’ve created a one-of-a-kind waistbag that sits perfectly across your body or around your waist. We’ve considered the sizing of every possibly object floating around one’s bag from tampons and tissues to bandaids and bronzers.

I am also an entrepreneur, strategic investor, and retail expert who has deep roots in the hospitality, restaurant, and fashion industries. I began my career working alongside famed restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow, has since utilized my business savvy and innate creativity to develop, co-own, and operate restaurants in Los Angeles, Miami, Dubai and New York.

I also founded and operated Beckley, a luxury retail brand with brick and mortar boutiques in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, as well as its adjacent apparel line. The eponymous clothing range was sold at large scale omnichannel retailers like Neiman Marcus and Shopbop (Amazon).

Nice Pack

Q: What is your particular morning routine and particular nighttime routine?

A: Morning – Wake up 6am – Athletic Greens – Coffee with Keto Picnik creamer-1 glass of water- Pack lunches-Make breakfast-Feed the dog-Wrangle kids to get ready for school- Out the door 7:15 AM. Nighttime- Eat dinner at 5:30pm with my family, kids shower, read books/watch one show together, snuggle. After kids are in bed, Eddie and I watch one of our many shows, we are currently watching The Old Man! Bedtime 9pm 🙂

Q: What are your go to brands that are particular to you? Tell us your go-to denim, white t-shirt, bra or underwear, shoes, PJ’s or brand you splurge or invest in?

A: Denim – Levi’s the wedgie or Moussey. White tee- AMO, Re/Done. Bra- Negative Underwear same for underwear. Shoe – Celine, Chanel, Birkenstocks, Ugg Slippers PJ’s eberjey Splurge –Hermes Impulsive Buy- Frankie Shop

Q: What’s your particular restaurant of choice?

A: Oh geez this is a hard one….for dinner would say Felix on Abbott Kinney. Literally no substitutions because you can’t but you don’t need too. I def do not super spicy things, sometimes I think black pepper is spicy LOL. My go to lunch order is the Chinese Chicken salad from Mendocino Farms hold the cilantro add avocado.

Q: What is your particular travel destination?
A: St. Barth’s or Paris
Q: Particular thing that makes you feel scared? Anxious? Pet peeve? Happy? Excited? Cry?
A: Death makes me anxious and scared. Happy and Excited is being with my kids and my husband. Cry just about anything I am so emotional.
Q: What particular item in your closet or home that you could never part with?
A: I would never part with my Hermes handbag collection!
Q: Particular person you would want to trade lives with?
A: No one. I am so blessed with my life, my parents, my kids and my husband. But if I had to choose maybe Queen Elizabeth.
Q: What particular thing you would have told your younger self?
A: Be present, slow down and have as much fun as possible!
Q: Particular item in your home or closet you could never part with?
A: A pair of diamond wing shaped earrings that were given to me by my Dad that were both my great-grandmothers and my grandmothers. Those heirlooms are irreplaceable. From my home would me the Louis Vuitton trunk my Dad gave me 10+ years ago.
Q: Particular thing you wish you’d bought?
A: I really wanted those Birk x Manolo or Dior sandals but they literally sold out in less than 2 minutes.
Q: Particular turning point in your life?
A: When I moved to LA and only was dating my then boyfriend now husband and didn’t really have any friends. I am really proud of the life I have built here over the years and the relationships and things I have accomplished.
Q: Particular moment you’re most proud of?
A: I think this past year launching the N.I.C.E Pack and seeing it sell out was a proud moment. I thought, “wow people actually love the product I created”.

Be present, slow down and have as much fun as possible!

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