Brands we’re watching out for in 2023

Perhaps we can say this with every new year, but we really do feel the heat being cranked up for 2023 looks and trends. Starting off with haute couture week, with the main buzz happening around Schiaparelli for the obvious reasons of masterful craftsmanship and the complete ode to realism, we are inspired to see how designers will stand out in a year where the bar has been set.  

For more approachable looks that still push the status quo, we are highlighting two designers who may be a few steps ahead already. 


The Row


The reason we are leading with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen prodigy The Row, is because their timeless silhouettes have always found a way to incorporate modern and trending styles, which not only makes them a reference for other brands to create in a way that lends to longevity rather than trendiness, but because the balance between timeless and current can be hard to keep afloat, but The Row does it effortlessly. 


The Row does many things well, but one that we’ve seen other brands emulate recently is the oversized blazer. This is not a new style to the brand, but since its recent resurgence, they have clearly set out to ensure they are still the ones doing it best.




Kenzo, founded in by Kenzo Takada in 1970 changed its pace by welcoming Nigo as creative director (ironically born in 1970). He brings undeniable talent to streetwear, having founded Bathing Ape in 1993, while staying in the synergistic line of street style yet elevated school-uniform getups that Kenzo has always toyed with. We’re watching this brand in 2023 as Nigo has had a year to get acquainted with what he wants to bring to the fashion house, and so far, we like what we’re seeing. Kenzo’s S/S and F/W 2023 shows displayed loose-silhouettes, stripes and checkers embedded in staple work uniforms and playful two piece sets, and lots of Kenzo stamped accessories.

Similar to The Row, Kenzo shows a liking for a flowing blazer or loose bottom. Breaking through the norms of form fitting work and leisurewear, yet still mastering the art of baggy apparel looking quite elevated.

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