Freshly Squeezed

Meet the newest member of our N.I.C.E Pack...tangerine and lime. Both bags are made in Los Angeles and are specialty dyed to match our favorite fruits of the season. Both colors are popping up all over the fashion and accessories world. It's the pop of color we all need leading into summer. Grab one while they are in stock because as you know when they are gone they are gone!

Lime N.I.C.E Pack

Wear it as a belt bag, crossbody, shoulder bag, clutch, or inside another bag. Everything you need is within reach and totally organized. For travel, work, walking the dog or just rolling around town, looking nice. Shop tangerine and lime!

Tangerine N.IC.E Pack

Particulars Pick Top 5: Fourth of July Sales

Do you ever feel like shopping on sale weekends you end up with multiple full shopping carts but by the time you go back the sales are over? This 4th of July weekend we rounded up a few of our favorite brands that are having major sales. From dresses, summer tops, shoes, to bags look no further than these brands to round out your summer wardrobe. 
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Chatting with Idalia Salsamendi

Idalia Salsamendi is brilliantly disrupting the digital marketing industry to propel businesses forward, top business strategist and journalist, she has been revolutionizing social media for over a decade. With years of invaluable experience, and an understanding of social media marketing, she launched her namesake company, Idalia INC, as the premier destination for both brands and influencers alike. Idalia is also an avid journalist, with a distinct beat for fashion, social media, and travel.
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