Particular Playlist: Closet Tour

For the first ever Particulars playlist, it seemed *fitting* to curate one that inspires a major closet overhaul. When it’s time to organize, it’s more fun to blast some music and pretend you’re on the runway while you try on your clothes and decide whether to keep or donate. Alternatively, this playlist works as a fantastic soundtrack to put on while you’re getting ready with your friends to go out. A little pre-game boost.

Particulars Picks: Top 5 Light Denim Must Haves

Since we just launched our most sought after bag our Light Wash denim NICE Pack. We wanted to round up a few other light denim items that are currently trending! These are some lusts and some musts and everything in between. Remember, denim never goes out of style. It has now become a timeless piece!
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The Newest color of our N.I.C.E. Pack

You all loved the denim nice pack so much so we decided to give it an upgrade for spring. This N.I.C.E. Pack is sooo summer ready, are you? I know you think you have enough NICE Packs but I promise this denim will not disappoint. Grab one before they sell out!
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