Saie Hello to The Secret to Radiant Skin

We couldn't be more excited to add this game-changing product to our beauty arsenals

Saie Beauty set out to bring all considerations of a forward-thinking beauty brand under one roof. Striving to adhere to practices like sustainable packaging and fair processes, their internal company emulates sustainability just like the clean ingredients found in all of their products. 

We celebrated the launch of Saie’s Glowy Super Skin Foundation in Los Angeles last weekend at a memorable soiree hosted at Saltie Girl. The space was transformed into The Saie Cafe, where no detail was left untouched.  Saie’s founder, Laney, curated a community of innovative creative partners and women who are passionate about supporting brands that push the envelope on important causes. These companies are shaping the way we shop and behave as consumers in the future.

Allow us to clarify: the revolutionary Glowy Super Skin product is, in fact, a serum foundation. The meticulously crafted formula features an 85% serum-to-15% pigment ratio, making the ordering of words essential. Don’t be misled by imitators – this is no ordinary foundation with serum. Glowy Super Skin is a featherweight yet potent solution that delivers a wealth of antioxidants for a flawless, healthy complexion. Moreover, it boasts the remarkable Indian Gooseberry extract, renowned for its ability to combat hyperpigmentation and exfoliate dead skin cells. Experience the ultimate skin-transforming power of Glowy Super Skin today.

We couldn’t be more excited to add this game-changing product to our beauty arsenals. Of course, we can’t forget about our other Saie Beauty favorites!

Check out some of our Saie particulars below:

Glowy Super Gel

Hydrabeam Undereye Concealer

Lip Blur


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