What we learned from Fashion Week | Part One

We see re-inventions of jacket styles every season, and this time around there seems to be some common ground amongst designers for a blazer style fit. Take Miuccia Prada, Creative Director of Miu Miu, who initially brought Miu Miu to be as the ‘anti-fashion’ to Prada in 1993, plays with the blazer jacket in her Spring 2023 RTW show – with a silhouette that isn’t fussy, but ultimately shows its perfect tailoring with an unmissable boxy fit. 


Miu Miu

Viane Viard, Creative Director of Chanel shows us embellishments and glamorous patterns, while Bottega Veneta creates drapes in thick shiny materials that make us excited about a business uniform that isn’t for the faint of heart. 


A blazer jacket is a staple for a reason. Whether we need to elevate a look as simple as jeans and a white tee, or to dress down a silk slip, they can play many roles, making its ranking on the ‘staple wardrobe item’ club well-deserved.

We cannot get enough of these blazers:

Miu Miu Look 17

Miu Miu Look 59

Chanel Look 14

Chanel Look 39

Bottega Veneta Look 14

Bottega Veneta Look 24


While we all want a runway look...

These picks are the closest, and our most-loved runner ups. Here are some more runway-inspired looks to shop from:

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