The Particulars

Of Particular Importance to Buffy Maguire

June 27, 2019

Buffy Maguire is a self-taught coffee roaster and Founder of Lady Falcon Coffee Club, a mobile café inspired by the rich history of the city by the Bay. We recently met up with Buffy in front of the iconic Painted Ladies in Alamo Square Park. Check out the full interview here.

KEYParticularly social: Handles and preferred Instagram filter / Particular calling: What do you do? / Particular order: How do you go about your day? / Particular style: What’s your uniform? / Particular adornment: Your go-to accessory / Particular meal: Favorite thing to eat / Particular latitude/longitude: Where do you like to go/be? / Particular vice: What is your weakness? / Particularly 70s, 80s, 90s, or 00s: What decade defines you? / Particular high school/college persona: Were you a burner, credit card hippie, prep? /Particular pickiness: What are you finicky about? /Particular passion: What are you passionate about?


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