The Particulars

Of Particular Importance to Lisa Mayock

July 3, 2019

Lisa Mayock is a graphic designer, fashion industry veteran, CFDA award winner, and co-creator of Monogram—a graphically driven brand that specializes in poppy, impeccably made t-shirts and sweatshirts. Monogram riffs off of vintage designs and fashions their wares out of high-end custom fabrics which yields a soft, beloved staple with a hint of pizazz. We recently caught up with Lisa to ask her about some of her particulars.

KEYParticularly social: Handles and preferred Instagram filter / Particular calling: What do you do? / Particular order: How do you go about your day? / Particular style: What’s your uniform? / Particular adornment: Your go-to accessory / Particular meal: Favorite thing to eat / Particular latitude/longitude: Where do you like to go/be? / Particular vice: What is your weakness? / Particularly 70s, 80s, 90s, or 00s: What decade defines you? / Particular high school/college persona: Were you a burner, credit card hippie, prep? /Particular pickiness: What are you finicky about? /Particular passion: What are you passionate about?


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