Of Particular Importance: STRIIIKE Holiday Market

We all have that special something that gives us that an extra sense of self. Something of particular importance to us that makes us feel a little sexier, a little more comfortable, more ourselves. Whether that be a killer new haircut, a trusty denim jacket, or a classic pair of pearls, it’s personal and it’s what makes you feel more you. At the recent STRIIIKE Holiday Market, we caught up with some particularly fabulous women and asked them what is of particular importance to them.

Chatting with Candice Pool Neistat

Candice Pool Neistat is the creator and award-winning designer behind two of our favorite jewelry lines—Finn and Billy! Each line springs from a different chapter in Candice’s life but both collections can fit into any accessory-lover’s cherished jewelry box.
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Did She Really Get Pinned?

This season brooches are back and it makes me so nostalgic for my Grandmother. I pinned three different styles to this blazer and I love the lapel party that it created.
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Chatting with Gara Danielle

Gara Danielle, a health and wellness enthusiast found herself running her own massage boutique that has become LA's hottest new wellness destination. We had the opportunity of a lifetime to sit down and find out more about Gara's daily life.
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