Particulars Picks: Top 5 Spring Sneakers

RUN, DON’T WALK! This is the SPRING SNEAKER EDIT! Hi-top, low-top, and everything in between.








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Particulars Picks: Top 5 Clogs

Like stripes and tie dye, clogs are one of those things that I think never really go out of style. They phase in and out but I always keep them in my closet because they eventually circle back around. From neutrals to neon, here are some of my favorite pairs.
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Chatting with Rachel Zeilic

Finally I got to sit down and chat with designer, digital creative, and entrepreneur, Rachel Zeilic. Rachel was actually scheduled to be interviewed by The Particulars in March of 2020 but then the whole world shut down. A year later and Rachel’s used her time wisely (not just baking bread and giving herself haircuts) but actually incubating a new brand, Augie, as well as a new baby! Augie will be a go-to resource for curious moms as well as a space for women to learn and grow—we could all use that for sure.
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