Particulars Picks Top 5: Sweater like Sweatsuits

You know I am all about elevating the everyday and somehow a set in knit makes me feel fancy. The weight of the knit makes the the look appear really lean and clean. Here are some current pulls:

Rag & Bone – Chocolate Pierce ribbed cashmere

Anthropologie – Three-piece lounge set

J. Crew – Featherweight cashmere

Naadam – Recycled cashmere

Reformation – Cashmere sweatsuit


Particulars Picks: Top 5 Clogs

Like stripes and tie dye, clogs are one of those things that I think never really go out of style. They phase in and out but I always keep them in my closet because they eventually circle back around. From neutrals to neon, here are some of my favorite pairs.
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